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Environmental Halal tourism is a form of sustainable tourism, focusing on visits to relatively undisturbed by anthropogenic influences natural areas based on sustainable use of natural goods.

Currently, there are about 1, 8 billion Muslims in the world, which accounted for 23% of the total population. In addition, the Muslim population in the world, according to estimates, will increase by 1, 8% per year. The largest Muslim population is concentrated in Asia (1, 1 billion), Africa (600 million), Europe (50 million), the Americas (9, 4 million) and Oceania (1 million).

We offer You to increase the turnover of Your company in 20-70% by investing is quite interesting and profitable business for the organization of eco-Halal tourism, payback: about two years.

Environmental Halal tourism is a new product in the tourism industry, aimed at organization of recreation do not violate the laws of Shariah and providing people the opportunity to relax in accordance with their religious beliefs and practices.

Halal places all the food is Halal compliant. Cafes and restaurants offer only soft drinks. Buildings are equipped with prayer rooms. In the resorts and sanatoria there are beaches for Muslims, the pool and Spa separate for men and women, as well as beaches for families with Islamic swimming dress code. Guests have the opportunity to taste the "heritage Tours" and see the history and culture of Islamic civilization. All this is done in order to preserve the values and modesty of Muslims who, inspired by the reading of the Qur'an, wish to travel the world and understand the signs of Allah. This kind of tourism includes elements of cognitive, spiritual, active and ecological tourism.

The essence of the project: Creation on the banks of the river Vyatka, in the territory of Mamadyshsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan environmental Halal recreation center, consisting of a few dozen log cabin two storey log cabins (guest houses), each frame with a total area of about 200 — 250 sq. m. near the forest, perhaps in the depths of the forest, stylized under the old Tatar farmstead for tourists.

Project goal: the environmental Development of Halal tourism, the creation in Mamadysh region environmental Halal getaway for leisure and recreation of residents and guests of the district and foreign tourists. Raising the standard of living of the population by providing jobs and selling to the tourists folk art.

Basic guidelines: This is an eco-tourists from the South and the Arab countries, as we hope that our eco-friendly forests, beautiful meadows and green meadows will not leave them without attention.

Location: The Republic Of Tatarstan. Near the river Vyatka (Nokrat), 10-15 km from the ancient town of AK Kirmen.

An ancient Bulgarian settlement in the vicinity of Mamadysh appeared at the beginning of the XII century. It is referred to as "AK Kirmen", "White Kirmen" that in an adequate translation on Russian language — "White castle" in 1151 in the annals of Kievan Rus...

It is well known that a fortified Kermenchuk in the XII-XIV centuries was the center of an independent Principality of the Volga-Kama bolghar, is completely independent. And until recently the remains of its walls were 18 kilometers from the modern Mamadysh, near the village of Kirmen. Mamadyshsky district is part of the ancient lands of Bulgaria on the banks of rivers Kama and Vyatka. The center of Mamadyshsky district of the city Mamadysh Raion subordination. The Mamadysh region is its natural beauty. Came to rest here Princess Syuyumbike Garay and Safa Khan. First of patrimony Garay Khan is now called Grehant. Still near the village Average Kirmen preserved cemetery of the khans with a millennial history. Archaeological investigations at the site of the settlement, Kermenchuk confirmed the history of the town.

Therefore, it is planned to create in Mamadyshsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan environmental Halal recreation. Located at the confluence of the rivers Vyatka and Kama, Mamadysh exceptional beauty of nature. Happy family live here Tatar, Russian, Mari, Udmurts. The first settlements appeared here in the I Millennium BC.

On the promontory between the right steep Bank of the Vyatka river and a deep ravine Khlystov Log on a beautiful hill is located Mamadyshskiy the settlement, which has preserved the area, fortified rampart and a moat.

Every year around the world is gaining momentum regardless of the global economic crisis. This is evidence that the people comes the understanding of the importance of ecology and the protection of natural resources. And entrepreneurs are engaged in building a "green" business. This is one of the areas of tourism, including preservation and improvement of the natural and cultural heritage. Most of them are protected reserves, which need care and financial support.

The motivation for the development is the deterioration of environmental and psychological conditions in large cities, the desire to relax on the environmental-friendly territories, the revival of interest in elements of traditional folk culture: architecture, cuisine, crafts, folklore, growing interest in the visit of the Tatarstan province. One of the features and conditions of the eco-Halal tourism is that travel technique does not apply. Simply put, forest walks car or bus are not relevant to this type of holiday. So there are activities popular among lovers of green tourism.

Exclusive tours for VIP clients — the Ancient falconry! With this goal before the visitors of the reserve specially trained for hunting birds arrange sample submission — falconry show and customers will not only be able to see this colourful spectacle, but to become a member of this ancient falconry! To spend on the hunt a memorable time in a unique natural reserve on the banks of the river, where truly felt the unity with wild nature!

Horseback riding in the forest and the field:

On horseback tourists, the eco-Halal database to get a lot of pleasure from active rest in the fresh air. I hope that horseback riding, including hippotherapy will not leave our visitors indifferent.

Undoubtedly, the travelers were able to return, you must determine the route and they should be the conductor.

You will also need an instructor who will quickly teach tourists riding...

Modern business people have long fed up with the wealth – to surprise them, to show them a different life, radically different from living in the concrete jungle. Instead of concrete skyscrapers and a wide highway – forest, field and river. Instead go for a dip in the Jacuzzi and relax on the couch with a sandwich with red caviar – melt bath, to dig potatoes, and sit friendly company around the fire at night. It is the isolation from civilization is valued by lovers of ecological tourism Halal.

The main competitive advantage of environmental Halal tourism is to provide year-round quality tourist services at a reasonable price. The project provides year-round reception of tourists, the creation and development of tourist services that meet the desires of tourists in a specific time period. Potential customers are tourists from Arab countries; families with children; seniors with their grandchildren, young families.

The share of expenditure of tourists from Islamic countries in 2011 accounted for about 12, 3% of global spending on travel (about $ 1 trillion). The main donor countries, Muslim tourism is considered to be Saudi Arabia, where tourists in 2011 spent on trips of more than 23, 8 billion. It is followed by Iran, UAE, Indonesia and Kuwait. Among the non-Muslim States on the level of expenditure of an Islamic travellers are allocated Germany (over 3, 6 billion), Russia (more than 3, 4 billion), France (nearly 2. 4 billion) and the UK (almost 2, 2 billion). Becoming over the past 6 years one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the world economy, tourism is constantly expanding and diversificarea. International turnover of travel services increased from $ 277 million. in 1980, to $ 1, 2 trillion in 2011.

Over the past 30 years, the tourism sector in developing countries (including Muslim majority countries) showed more rapid growth than in developed countries. It is expected that by 2030 this trend is set to continue and the growth will continue ahead of developed countries in 2 times.

Increasingly, people living in the midst of the metropolis, opt for relaxing activities. Where there is an opportunity to disconnect from the noise of city streets and streams of cars, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the quiet evenings alone or with family.

The first thing you need to remember the place which will be removed tired of city customers shall be in a location that is most similar to the real, unspoilt nature. To organize a comfortable place of rest will be enough an area of 5-10 hectares that will be acquired in the long term. Be sure to be near a medium size pond where you can swim without danger to life and health, go fishing or even boating.

The first arrangement of such recreational activities is development of own real estate for the needs of potential customers. Hut in the Tatar style is the best option for guests.

It offers a comfortable house with heating features a living room and bedroom, fine furniture, satellite TV, telephone and shower. Since we are focused on Halal holiday, each guest house has a prayer room, there is a direction to the Qibla and prayer rugs, the Koran and the schedule of prayers.

A restaurant in a Bedouin tent will give a special flavor to the recreation center. The food should meet the standard of Halal. That is the food prepared from the meat of an animal slaughtered in accordance with the Sharia and does not contain any additives, prohibited by Islam, such as alcohol.

Basically all the necessary products will be grown in the garden and gardens adjacent to the recreation center, and the missing will be purchased from local residents. In the on-site restaurant guests can enjoy a variety of Halal local cuisine. During Ramadan, enjoy the special meals before sunrise and after sunset.

Create a unique design of the recreation center, gardening and landscaping. Planting perennial plants (gardens), landscaping (planting of grass). You need to consider when planning: the land, the climate. pond and landscape around the future of eco-Halal base. You also need "getting in style" located on the site of the building, the selection of the corresponding design. Winter tourist centres perfectly diversify ski touring or any other riding. In addition to the territory of the complex is planned to create individual Seating areas, areas for children. In addition to the residential sector, the recreation center will host entertainment and sports complexes that will allow to organise various leisure activities. The project uses the following source parameters:

waterfront; beach for Muslims; — separate swimming pools for men and women; a beach for families with Islamic swimming dress code; — small Playground; — fountain; — shop shop (local crafts, Muslim products, etc.).

The territory of the recreation center will be decorated with small architectural forms of local artists, and walking paths lined with paving tiles. In addition to the residential sector, the recreation center will host entertainment and sports complexes that will allow to organise various leisure activities.

Then you need to take care of the administrative building, which will accommodate administration, bookkeeping, meeting room and so on. For the Halal hotels should double the staff, separately for men and separately for women;

For maintenance of the cottage with a capacity from 30 to 50 people will need relatively few staff.

We need:

• Cooks (5 persons)

• Waiters (6 people)

• Doctors (2 persons)

• Administrators or managers (2 persons)

• Accountant (1 person)

• Mechanic-electrician

• Instructor (if necessary)

• Animators (for 2 persons)

• Watchmen (2 people)

Payroll will be about 300 thousand rubles a month. The staff need to pick up the relevant qualifications and on the basis of clearly articulated needs.

To summarize:

1. Construction of guest houses (10 PCs) – 25 – 30 million roubles.

2. Rent of land (5-10 ha) – 2, 5 — 5 thousand rubles per year

3. The construction of pier 3 to 5 million rubles

4. Upgrading of the base – 5 — 10 million rubles

5. Leisure equipment (depending on the level of recreation) – from

2 to 5 million rubles.

6. The annual cost – 1, 5 million rubles.

7. Salary staff – 3, 5 — 4 million per year.

8. Deductions from salaries, taxes – 3 – 4 million per year.

The minimum investment threshold for this type of business 75-80 million rubles, or about $ 2 million. Provided that we rent the guest house in hiring at an average cost of 1000 – 2000 rubles per day per person, with the tourist flow from 25 people get 25 to 50 thousand rubles. We should also add here the income from additional services, like fishing, Cycling and horse riding, in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

The total income of recreation a day if done right can be 60 to 80 thousand, respectively per month is about 2, 5 million rubles. So our overall business will start to bring you profit within 2 years, which is a great indicator.

Environmental Halal tourism can develop only when they fully comply with all conditions of Shariah law. The development of Halal eco-tourism, Insha Allah, will contribute to the development of international relations, business, development of the Muslims and to spread Islam. Halal tourism should be accessible to all, and for that we need competition and a lot of work.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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