The city in the palm of your hand. Social Internet project of video surveillance and video Analytics

Project description

The idea of the product.

We create social Internet project that allows you to obtain an affordable solution in video surveillance and video Analytics with ability to create personal security for monitoring property, children and/or notification of emergency situations.

Description of the project.

We are at the stage start. The project consists of server, video Analytics and video processing server c ranking functions Metternich, there is a basic website service and online store for the sale of goods and services. The project has unique features for video analysis.

For example: you Can configure the sensitivity of motion detection and to exclude external factors (running cat, or a change in lighting), or to attach the motion detector to the object type (person or vehicle) and many more.

We have developed our own algorithms for the analysis of the video signal

  1. Vehicle license plate recognition.
  2. Tracking movement tracking the object. Memorization of the object and search it in the frame.
  3. Detection of the entrance to the perimeter
  4. Recognition of emergencies, such as Fires, Fights, abandoned object detection.
  5. The ranking data. Search the video fragments by specified conditions.
  6. The definition of vehicle speed and distance between them.
  7. Recognition of human faces and search them in the Database.

Plug-in cameras:

  1. Web camera. Directly via PC or a mobile device.
  2. Mobile device, phone or tablet
  3. IP camera.
    • IP camera with its own firmware, allowing to work without external IP addresses
    • IP camera support ONVIF
    • IP camera normal

Market. Competitors.


Regular surveillance, without basic Analytics or search situational moments. For each option there is a fee and there are restrictions on the downloading of files.


This system is focused more on the legal entity and using only one type of cameras. To connect cameras, one of the prerequisites for a dedicated IP address. Unfortunately, not all providers can provide this service., even if the service is provided, its cost exceeds half the cost of the subscription fee for the Internet. High cost to connect to the video surveillance service.

The immediate plans.

The development of the project will be implemented due to the launch decision.

Has confirmed pre-orders among entrepreneurs MO and municipal services.

Plan to enter the market with a minimal set of functionality, namely, with the conventional video monitoring, but with the emergence of server hardware, to implement new functionality.

The project will be launched in Russia, CIS and the USA.

In three years we plan to connect 5 million customers worldwide


1) Subscription

Share two types of membership:

a) Monthly payments — the Basic principle is that to use the product must pay depending on the selected tariff plan.

Available in the Home and Business version.

b) Extended subscription or Freemium Users get basic functionalityfor free, but for additional options makes the payment.

Available in Free-conditional Version. In this version limited to the number of connected cameras and there are other restrictions.

2) one-time purchase of services.

Is available for legal. individuals wishing to establish their own surveillance system without access by third parties. the Organization pays for software licenses and additional modules.

3) shop — selling video cameras to connect to the service and additional equipment, such as mini PC based on OS Android.

The investment plans.

60% Purchase of server equipment for the pilot run, further research in the field of video Analytics.

40% Is


Alex: overall coordination, project architecture, modules, video Analytics, software development for mobile devices, marketing, representation.

Dmitry: web development, lyrics, promotion, advertising, online shop.

Karen: server administration, development of internal SOFTWARE, database administration, software development for mobile devices

In freelancing, there are an extra 3 professionals: a Programmer, an advertising man and a Designer.

The dividend policy.

The first half year or year, the planned investment in the project., namely the server hardware and the purchase of video monitoring devices.

In the future we are ready to pay the investor shares depending on the profits of the enterprise.

At the desire of the investor to withdraw from the project, ready to buy him out.

Special offers for investors.

We want a future investor was a full participant in the project, participated in the life and development of the resource, and of course had all the rights to possible changes of the product itself.

The investor will receive the opportunity to promote the project and possibly in the future will receive a free opportunity to grow your business through our service.

On request, we send the presentation of the project.

Ready to consider various schemes of investment.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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