Selling built-in appliances, furniture fronts and accessories.

Project description

At the moment, lead the activities of IP. October 2014 launched a wholesale-retail sales, working sales representatives. February started out in other regions. November received orders from the kitchen studios in the amount of 3-4 sets per week (average 3 positions are included). Organized its logistics and installation of equipment.

Term is 39 months.

Min. the amount of investment – 65 thousand rubles.

The monthly income of the investor up to 20%

Exhibited 170 a share, 10 shares sold at a starting price of 50 thousand, 5 thousand for the current 65

Information about the project:

1).Business through a partial investment. Main activities:

Sale wholesale built-in appliances, faucets and kitchen sinks, fronts and accessories (direction already in the works, successfully developed).Signed a contract for the production of panels with our LOGO (a logo currently in development).

— Retail sales of embedded and small appliances, cookware and kitchen accessories. Each brand in a separate company store in a small area (up to 100m2), the more brands will be attracted, the more shops. It is also planned shop area of more than 1000 m 2. 1 in each city. Plan for three years to open at least 5 cities.

— Selling by means of Internet resources: an online store and social network.

— Selling advertising space to partners, wholesalers (the list of the top 10 and banner ads) on our Internet sites. Selling banner places "brands" in the online store and in shops in the real world.

— Earnings from sale of services for the delivery and installation of equipment.

— Earnings from the sale of the service "Fast service" (exchanging goods without examination when applying if you have performed the installation).

2).Sale of household appliances — is the direction that is always in demand, so no problems with sales for a long time. Because sales will be carried out not only to private customers but also to companies engaged in the sale and manufacture of recessed Cabinet and modular furniture, we have included in our offer sinks, taps, facades and accessories. In the stores themselves, as it is everywhere, and related products and services that also bring profit. Work only on a prepaid basis, to opt — possible partial prepayment under a long-term cooperation. In stores consider a partnership with a credit Agency. The volume of work is not limited, but our possibilities. We have assembled a team of professionals with years of experience. There are achievements and a smooth-running business. The opportunity to "buy" directly, without intermediaries (wholesalers and dealers). As an additional guarantee of the project, is the fact that the bulk of investor money is materialized in the goods — we can sell and return on investment. Thus, we have eliminated the risks of loss of funds in our project. With the expansion of the business will increase and the amount of dividends to investors.

Investment proposal:

1) the Total cost of the project: At this stage, the project cost in one city — 17 million rubles, of which 8, 5 million rubles — funds from investors with the sale of 50% stake in the business. Exhibit 155 a share (previously vistavleno 170).

2) Stages of development and costs:

First step: negotiate with new suppliers. Develop customer base of wholesalers. Attract investors.

Second step: Prepare the opening of the first flagship store in the area up to 100 m2. The store will also serve as a warehouse for emergency applications from wholesalers, and as a point of delivery of the goods to the online store and the office (4 in 1). Launching an online store and sales in the social. networks.

Third stage: opening of the store and the beginning of dividend payment.

Fourth step: operate in full mode, developing business and expanding territory coverage, paying monthly dividends to investors.

The fifth stage: after three years, buying back all the shares sold at a price according to the cost of capitalization. The total term of the repurchase — not longer than six months, dividends shall be paid until the full redemption of their shares.

3) the Cost share:

The cost of one share gradually increases to 30% and the fifth stage is 142 800 rubles.

Stage 1 - 50 thousand rubles.

Stage 2 - 65 thousand roubles.

Stage 3 - 84 500 rubles.

Stage 4 - 109 850 rubles.

Stage 5 - 142 800 roubles (the price of the repurchase shares).

This is the capitalization of shares on the stages of business development. But this is only for those investors who will participate all three years. For everyone else, the cost share will be negotiated between investors and may be more announced (if all shares are sold), either primary, when my ransom.

4) project Dates:

1. As possible participation of the investor in the project — three years and three months.

2. After 39 months, a buyback of shares. After the redemption of shares payments cease. Full redemption is given not more than three months.

3. If the investor needs money sooner, then he could get them, resell their share to another investor at a bargain price. Search of the buyer of shares does the investor. I also assist in finding an investor and selling shares, perhaps he'll buy him out. Redemption is carried out up to 30 calendar days from the date the notice of sale. It is further possible new investors, and most likely the terms will be revised.

5) the profitability of the project:

1. In the third stage, the guaranteed dividend will be equal to 2, 5%. In the fourth stage - 5%, by mid-summer to the end of 2015 will amount to 10% per month. In subsequent years, it is planned to increase to 15%, plus the increase in each share of the business to the time of redemption will be equal to 180% return is 60% per year or 5% of the mass. In total, get up to 20% of monthly income in the first year 15%. Payments will be made weekly starting 3 phase.

6) Warranty:

In case of return of the project together we can make a decision - raise or sell goods and close ( this stage everything is going well). Let me remind you that in the wholesale - retail operations as such costs will not, therefore we may not lose. Online stores also do not carry the large expenses, the money invested in the product in the shops - I'll be back after the sale with a minimum income of 5%. So that if the worst result, at the initial stage, we return at least 90% of the investment. If you haven't recruited all the necessary sum in time then the funds invested will begin to work until, until we reach the amount required for the opening of the first store.

Ready to provide additional information about themselves to each investor. You need to understand that the subject I is not going to spread. Moreover, still to be tested with the administration of the forum.

The transfer of funds are made by Bank transfer, transfer to cards and payment systems. It is possible to transfer by Bank transfer.

In order to achieve a net profit of 1, 5 million roubles — you need to sell retail for 4 sets per day, amounting to 7, 5 million rubles. So I'm not talking here about obscure figures and money out of thin air — everything is realistic and achievable. Most importantly a good, full start and powerful advertising.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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