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Project description

Dear investors, on many of the questions you ask, the answers given in the project description! If, however, information is not enough, please write and make an appointment, or call. Thank you for your interest in our project.

Brief summary:

1. Program children and families "Living legend" is realized through the sale of vouchers and organized and the quality of children's rest in Moscow suburbs. The level of accommodation and food: the children live in rooms with private facilities from 2 to 4 people. Meals on system "Buffet". At the moment the program consists of 10 permanent sections: Lukomorie, archery, sports, sword, shooting from the pneumatic weapon, pool, active games, Board games, a Studio of hand-made, "master of knowledge", "I'm a roleplayer". There are additional services: laser tag, horse riding, visits to memorable places of the district where the program is carried out, a sauna with a Cup of tea. (read more in description below). The camp is held annually in autumn, winter and spring breaks (only 7 shifts for 1 week) and summer holidays (6 shift for 2 weeks). To date the program is designed for 100 children per shift (implemented on 10%) and the coming growth plans aimed at achieving a specified number of children.

2. According to Rosstat Annually in children's camps resting about 5 million children in approximately 42-45 thousand camps of the Russian Federation. The share of country camps of the Moscow region accounts for about 950 different programs. Based on their research established that in Moscow region there are about 80-90 different programs that compete on the basis of their content and price policy. In particular, many organizations include from 3-5 different programs aimed at different Target audience.

3. Unique competitive advantages of our project:

1) To work with children only experienced counselors and instructors. We invite experienced students who come on such projects to "hang out" not realizing the responsibility that each employee takes in the process. To work with children counselors are allowed only with experience. Instructors of sport fields may only be acting an experienced coach on their profile, many are also former or current athletes with the highest achievements in their areas.

2) Special rules where the child is in the program. In many camps the children have nothing to do and therefore they have no limits to use their own gadgets. According to our rules children are not permitted to use such a technique (calls home are made with Manager's phone number in the designated time), because of free time they have almost never happens, and all classes are planned according to the schedule, which failure is not valid. Also, for security reasons, children are not allowed to move outside his party.

3) With the purpose of the conceptual development and "prevention of loss of interest" to the camp among the children of every shift is different from the previous one in its semantics. Each new change is a complex system preparation and writing of the concept. Given the content of the change instructed employees in order to maximize their participation in the process and the increased development interest in children.

4) my Own vision in the educational process. We believe that the child is "star", but not the only one in the whole heaven and the whole world does not revolve around a "star". We do not encourage selfish attitudes of children in relationships and every case of improper behavior among children fully understands the reasons of its occurrence until "bug fixes". Many parents, upon request, receive feedback on the results of spent in the camp and recommendations for its further development.

The disadvantages of this approach lie in the fact that many parents, knowing our situation, sent to our shifts, "complex", according to them, children, which complicates the program. Also the main drawback at this stage is the lack of a systematic approach to marketing and sales that is solved by attracting investments and as a result, the embodiment of planned development strategy.

4. Organizational structure and legal form. At the moment the project is implemented on behalf of the SP. And the whole organizational structure is built around it. Ie development, sales, writing concepts, and planning is performed by the project Manager. Based on the number of applications received or attracted more specialist to work with children or not. With the involvement of the investor plan development and organizational structure. Will be created a company with several activities, allowing you to work with children. Structure among permanent employees for 50% of the plan: General Manager, marketing Manager, sales Manager, supervisor of the program. Accounting is outsourced. PED. the composition is invited by number of submitted applications for participation in the program from customers. Structure among permanent employees before reaching the level of 100% of the plan: General Manager, marketing Manager, sales Manager – 2 people, curator, Manager of creative group, senior instructor. Accounting is outsourced. PED. the composition is invited by number of submitted applications for participation in the program from customers.

5. The payback of the project

Return on investment under two scenarios:

1) In the worst case, the net profit of the first year will be 3227950р. This amount assumes the operation of the project by 50% from the nearest plan. A lot depends on the start date of funding and as a result, the speed of the launch the start of work on promotion and sales. In any case, from the second year of the project assumes 100% operational.

2) In the best case, the net profit of the first year will be 7818900р. This amount assumes the operation of the project 100% from the nearest plan. The plan next year is possible in the case of timely financing and launching marketing activities and sales. The achievement of this plan will be carried out a complex of measures for further expansion of the program and increase the number of children.

I.e. in the worst case the return of investment will occur after two years of work, in the best case, the result of one and a half years of the project.


Project description

Program children and families "Living legend" organizes and conducts a camp for children in autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays in the autumn of 2014. The development is also the camp of rooming children together with their parents. Our adventure camp is for children aged 7 to 16 years. Each shift has its own theme and is unique in its semantics.

Camp "Living legend" combines several areas: sports, intellectual, cultural, creative. For each of these areas hosts a variety of sections:

Lukomorie – command tactical game with the use of protective masks, bows and safe arrows with silicone tips on the rules which you want out of the game all opponents.

Archery – archery is a sport rules for accuracy with small and large distances. Also is kneeling, turning, 2D and 3D shooting.

Sports sword – this sport is represented in our camp in the Lite game format, and is a sports games: individual and team (feudal football and capture the flag) matches with sporting a sword and shield, as well as using helmets (protective gear).

The airgun shooting – shooting is conducted on the accuracy for various targets.

Pool – the pool usually daily. Games are held on the water and free swimming.

Active games active games on the street, for example, such as Moscow hide and seek, 12 sticks, frog, evolution. In addition, depending on the theme of change – carrying out quests, orienteering and much more.

Board games – one of the favorite aspects of our camp! This is not checkers, chess and backgammon, and a modern, interesting and largely exciting, and unusual Board games. Most kids start playing for the first time in camp, and then continue with relatives and friends. It's not a computer screen, and the interaction with real people, strategy, tactics and a great pastime.

Studio hand-made – Souvenirs with their hands. The theme of the Souvenirs depends on the concept of change, its direction. The materials used are completely different, the master explains and helps kids imagination welcome. After the change everyone goes home with crafts made with your own hands.

Master of knowledge – the theme of change through interviews, presentations, documentaries and feature films. Every change in our camp is not like the previous, we prepare a creative concept and its content.

I'm a Roleplayer, the field allows all teams to participate in the role play, which runs for the entire shift. All actions — sleep, eating, visiting sections and others — affect the character development, which leads to the ultimate goal of the game or the victory.

Additional costs: visits to museums and memorable places of the area, horse riding, sauna, tea and other.

Our mission is to build children's self-confidence, willingness to overcome difficulties, to develop skills of respect for younger and elders, the ability to understand and accept their freedom of choice, in identifying the need for an active lifestyle with a positive mindset. All this is achieved by placing children in the environment of free will and daily interaction in a variety of games and activities.

The mechanics of program implementation:

1. Sales of vouchers through the Agency Internet portals. In the future, through agencies, the formation of its own sales and marketing.

2. Rent the Suburban recreation of the relevant category by the number of sold permits (in plans to conduct parallel programs on the Black sea coast and abroad).

3. Implementation of the program with the participation of experts in accordance with the stated theme.

4. Gathering feedback and re-selling.

At the moment the camp is implemented by 10% from the closest possible plan (10 children out of a possible 100 per shift). Every year the Trend of growth (increasing the number of shifts and participants). To achieve the immediate objective of 100 people per shift, will be a series of events to double this amount (new section, purchase of equipment, attracting experts to implementation).

Attracted by the investment funds will be used for the expansion of the program (equipment, specialists). To attract employees of high qualification in the field of sales and marketing. The creation of the LLC with certain activities (at present the legal side of the program is provided by SP).

If the essence of our project You as an investor interesting, and You are only interested in making profit, but also want to feel part of a social program, thus to be responsible for the formation of a correct attitude towards people and the lives of our children and therefore shaping our future — write on e-mail, call (contacts can be found on our website)! Preference is given to a personal meeting.

Thank you All for your interest and attention!

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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