A national Retail Network of Hypermarkets of the Goods For the house and Office KEA

Project description

The Project Shopping Network Kea

National Russian Retail Network of the Goods For the House and Office

Total area of the Hypermarket in the large cities of 110 000 km in

Total area of the Hypermarket in small towns 50-000 - 95-000 km

The number of large cities of Russia where the network Kea goods for the house and offices in 100 cities of Russia

The number of small and medium-sized cities where the Kea network of the goods for the house and office: 1063 small and medium-sized cities of Russia with population from 50 thousand to 1 million and more than 1 million

The number in the municipal obrazovaniyakh — Paradise. centres where it will be the retail Network of the Goods For the House and office Kea: 1829 rainich centers

All hypermarkets of the Goods for the House and office in Russia 2892 shop for trading, there are two of the hypermarket Format

format 1

Standard is a variant of the hypermarket used in large and small cities

size gipermarketa like this format 95000-115000

Format 2

The standard is an option for the municipal obosnovanie for Paradise. centers

area of the hypermarket format like this 45000-65000

16 logistic centres across Russia

16 distribution centres of goods in the trade network of hypermarkets of Kea

15 Warehouses for wholesale buyers the company is engaged in wholesale of furniture

the goods for the house and household items

the company plans to launch the production of furniture products for home and everyday life

2 large plants in Russia

Own fleet the number of vehicles 4500

2 large ATP in Russia

approximate calculations

option hypermarkets 1

revenue from 1 of the hypermarket format with

1 hypermarket in the day from 9000000-25000000

the proceeds from 1063 first hypermarket format in day 15945000000

the revenue per month 478350000000

revenue in the year 574020000

option 2 hypermarkets

the proceeds from the second of the hypermarket format in day 2000000-6000000

in a month from 1829 hypermarkets of the second format

a day 11352000000

in a month 340560000000

in the year 355000000000

summary with all the two formats of hypermarkets

in the year 855000000000-955000000000

the number of opened hypermarkets per year 25-45 hypermarkets

the lifetime of the project 35 years

upon completion of the project the state 178000 employees

expansion into international market

the number of hypermarkets abroad 855 hypermarkets

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Russia, Omsk oblast, Omsk

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