Construction of private houses

Project description

Purpose: construction of a residential house on the plot with the subsequent sale.

Purchased the property the land is erected a residential house with utilities such as electricity, water, Sewerage.

The land area of 700sq.m. is a cottage in the village. Cottage village is actively built. Located near a residential village, a year-round shop, bus stop urban purposes, two lakes, forest.

On the plot is erected on frame technology residential 2-storey house 6m*9M. the Total area of 108кв.m. On the ground floor: kitchen, bathroom, hallway with stairs, living room. On the second floor: a corridor and two bedrooms. (rooms on the second floor full, without the slanted corners of the ceiling).

The total cost of land and building – 1.330.000 R.

Selling price 2.300.000 R.-R. 2.600.000

The net profit after 1.070.000 R.-R. 1370.000

Implementation period 2-12 months

The demand for finished houses with painted communications is quite high. Because buyers do not want to wait and monitor the construction of their own homes.

The same advantage is the novelty of the housing.

Currently on the market 70% are secondary homes of questionable quality, the remaining 30% of new buildings.

In this segment, homes area 108кв.m. and cost 2.5 mln. R., not so much. As practice shows sellers claimed the cost and the area does not coincide with reality.

The survey shows the ability of people to buy property in the price range of 2 million.-3 million. It's the average families who buy homes under the cottage for the residence of the parents.

The project implementation plan.

1. Finding and buying a plot is 1 month 2 weeks – 280.000 R.

2. The settlement workers, buying the necessary tool – 4 days – 35000

3. The Foundation – 3 days – 42.000 p

4. The device frame 3 weeks – 123.000 R.

5. Roof installation – 2 weeks – 58.000 R.

6. Device for covering exterior and interior walls and partitions with imitation timber and insulation – 1 month – 289.000 R.

7. Windows – 1.5 weeks – 110.000 R.

8. Device of water supply, Sewerage, plumbing – 3 weeks-120.000 R.

9. The device of a wooden fence – 2 weeks – 43.000 R.

10. Payment of labor – 230.000 R.

At the moment, the points 1-4 are fulfilled.

Requires investments in the amount of 850 000 roubles for the implementation of paragraphs 5 to 10.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Moscow oblast, Ramenskoe

Project price: 1 400 000

Investments volume: 850 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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Fokin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

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