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Project description

Proposed for investment project "Hotel-Villa" of 1200 m2 and a price of 85 million rubles Payback period of 60 months. Two buildings (main 3rd floor. and the house staff 2nd floor). The finishing is luxury. 2 restaurants, 3 bars (one of them in the pool), sauna, gym, summer cinema, barbecue area, Parking. 12 rooms, 3 suites, 3 Junior suites, 6 standard.

The size of the land IZHS 0, 4 ha GARDEN: bananas, kiwi, peaches, tangerines, kumquats, feyhua, olives. Palms: fan, Canary island date, butia, hamerops, the Hedge — Laurel leaf and bamboo(drip irrigation).

Artificial waterfall. The entire plot has an automatic irrigation system (with underground pipe-laying and rain sensors).


Boiler room: the Korean gas boiler, cold water tanks, (6 the cube) and hot water (4 cube), cleaning system skvazhinnoj water + UV light, air Conditioning and centralized heating air using the heat pumps (USA). Natural and forced ventilation(air ducts in a building). A sauna with a system of "light steam" and "Turkish steam". Hot water system with constant circulation and pressure. Pre-heating the domestic hot water system vacuum solar panels. System of sewage treatment BIOTAL at 10 cu m. the gas Tank on a 4 cube (with a passport of the pressure vessel), the dumbwaiter (to 50 kg) for lifting dishes and utensils in the restaurant of the 3rd floor. Pool overflow 150куб m Overflow capacity — 12 cubic metres of Cleaning: sand filter + automatic station of Chlorine and Acidity, with the possibility of installation of the heat exchanger (the heat exchanger is stood).

Its own transformer substation 360 kVA. 90% of the main building lighting and led lamps 10% energy saving.

A video surveillance system.

The fire alarm system.

Ventilated facade (Alucobond).

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 33549
Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Sochi

Project price: 85 000 000

Investments volume: 85 000 000

Stage: Business for sale

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Rublyova Tatyana Ivanovna

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Sochi
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