Agropolog Voskresenskaya Sloboda

Project description


General description

In order to realize the potential of land in the Ivanovo district, Ivanovo region, proposes the creation of an agricultural complex on a plot area of 71 Hectares, of which (according to the zoning of land):

1. Farm (preparation of goat's milk) – 50 Hectares.

1.1.Poultry (chicken egg production) – including.

2. A village of 20 houses with plots of 20 acres – 6 Hectares.

2.1.Recreational complex (Hostel, sports ground) including.

3. Reserve for expansion projects – 15 Hectares.

The project is implemented through the sale of shares to individuals and legal entities who acquire the right to receive dividends in the company-operator of the project. The size of the share of the shareholder is determined by the number of the acquired shares. Price of 1 unit is 500 000 rubles. The payback of the unit is 18 months. Net income by 1 unit after the onset of his return is 414 000 rubles a year.

Just a sale of 110 units. The construction of a farm for milk production (start of project) starts after the implementation of half of the shares. The payback period of the unit begins after the start of the project.

Composition of objects: Land for grazing, farm, production facility, chain of stores, delivery of products, group sales to businesses (table orders).

Technological cycle: the concentration of goats in milk vetch, grazing goats on site, milking goats in a specialized area., pasteurization of milk, bottling milk in PET packaging, label manufacturer, delivery of finished goods to the stores, sell the finished products to customers, the sale of young livestock buyers.

As well, reserving plots of 10 acres in the amount of 40 pieces, for the erection of dwelling houses (array number 2). An application to the regional administration on the transfer of lands to the category of individual housing construction is served subject to reservation of not less than 50% of the total area of the array. The decision to move takes the regional administration. After the approval of the transfer of land, purchase of reserved plots to shareholders at a price of 100 000 to 200 000 rubles (depending on the location on the first or second line). The price includes the plot with the agricultural project (greenhouse, bakery, fish pond, aviary). The operator of the project, for a fee, arranges for summing up all the necessary communications.

2. The responsibility of the operator of the project

1. The construction of the complex.

2. Operation of the complex and production of finished products.

3. Selling the finished product.

4. Warehousing and transport logistics.

5. Administration of the project.

6. Payment of income on shares.


The stages of the project

Currently done all the necessary work within the framework of the pre-stage of the project. Formed property complex (decorated in the property land area of 71 Hectares for the project, with shares in the project 41, 90%), developed the project idea, formulated a business model and technology cycle, made preliminary calculations of costs and revenues, formed a project team, created the brand of the product and started its promotion. Prepared area of information support of the project (website, video, social networks).

At the seed stage is developed all the necessary design and estimate, normative-methodological and other documentation produced further calculations. In practical implementations, there will be started the following works:

# PP

The name of the stage



Create all necessary documentation.

The construction of the buildings of the farm complex.

Conclusion of lease agreements to open chain stores.

2 months. from the start


The completion of construction.

Organization infrastructure.

The construction of housing for staff of the farm.

2 months. from stage 1


Installation of equipment for the production of milk.

Installation of commercial equipment, branding.

The purchase of vehicles for the delivery service of products.

1 month. from stage 2


Purchase of livestock.


The start of the process cycle.

1 month. from stage 3


Prospects of development

As the farmers on the operating phase, the operator of the complex will be able to offer partners and shareholders the options of: replicating the complex to the backup area of the current project and other existing ownership of the land and/or extension of the product matrix. It is possible to create greenhouses, fish farms, bakeries, mineral water production, beekeeping, cultivation of various herbs and other plants.

In addition, will be offered the option of participating in the creation of the recreational tourist complex, and the construction of residential, with additional economy. The products of such farms buys out project operator.


The social value of the project

Voskresenskaya Sloboda is not just a business project aimed at obtaining maximum profits. The price of the products that we have planned, will be lower than in conventional stores, which is possible only with such a comprehensive approach, which we used.

The results of the partnering activities will affect such fundamental issues as the provision of jobs, the revival of the real sector and domestic production and ensuring food security.

In addition, we create opportunity for people to try themselves in the real sector, in the creation of natural and healthy food with their own hands, organizing the life in natural conditions, in harmony with nature. This is an opportunity to become part of the new society, the basis of life which are the principles of ethics, justice, and social responsibility.


Terms of cooperation

The operator of the project contributes to the Charter capital of the managing company (OOO "Yamal invest") 37 500 000 in the form of land, to which you deployed the objects corresponds to the percentage in 41, 90%.

Offered for sale share of 58, 10%, divided into 4 units, every unit price of 13 000 000. The acquisition of a share means the receipt by the shareholder share in the Charter capital of the operator of the project.

We reserve the right to make changes to the project, not worsen economic conditions of partners and shareholders.


Description of the market environment

Benefits of goat milk? Regular consumption of goat milk is very useful to maintain the body's immunity. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to resist various infections. During epidemics of influenza and seasonal spikes in the incidence of respiratory diseases one glass of goat's milk consumed daily, reduces risk of disease by almost two times.

There are manufacturers of goat milk and its products, for example, brand "Green coast". The wholesale price of pasteurised milk — 147 rubles. There are also farms producing such milk and selling it with shipping, for example, the mark "farm Blizzard Spiridonova Compound". The price of goat milk (sterilized, which is important) in the network of shops "Victoria" — 262 rubles. In the Federal network of goat milk on the shelves there, at least in Moscow, where we are going to sell it. Our price to the buyer is included in calculations 250 rubles/liter.

Young animals (goats) are on the market at a price of 40 000/head (for example, The same price included in our calculations. In order to point of sale aroused interest not only among connoisseurs of goat's milk (which is a lot), but other buyers are planning to take over the sales range of one of the distributors of food, or picking up range at the planned list directly from the producers. This growth factor is not incorporated in the calculations, which considered as an opportunity for the project.

We have planned the opening of "Islands" in malls where it already has a high permeability, which eliminates the need to do costs. Recently gaining popularity of the format "shop at home", we plan to open several such points of sale, in order to choose the most effective trading option. Now both options seem to us very promising.

In addition, it is planned to implement in the form of so-called "Table of orders", when our staff will be to offer products to employees of various companies, with a one-time delivery order for the entire enterprise. This format exists as internal practices in different enterprises (e.g., Misteltein) and is in great demand as it is very convenient, eliminates the need to go to the store, to stand in the queue and so on.


Economic background

To breed goats if you have sufficient land resources for walking and nutrition goats require about 0, 2 Hectares per animal. Goats are kept in buildings vetch, in rooms of several animals, with elevations to sleep and ogorodami sufficient height. According to regulations, one animal must have up to 2, 5 sq. m. of floor space. The room should be appropriately publicized, must be made for heating in the winter.

There are various conditions under which the yield of milk may increase or decrease, on average, 3 liters per animal per day. A herd of 300 heads produce an average of 900 litres of milk a day, and one goat up to 1 000 litres of milk a year. The price of 1 goat in this case is 40 000 rubles, the price of 1 litre of finished product 250. The herd increases every year by at least 100%.

Raw milk is kept short and can be used only for domestic consumption. Equipment for storage of raw milk, the project does not provide. Milking can be done manually, with milking parlor or by using a mobile milking machines. We expect to use mobile devices, because this method provides sufficient performance at a low cost.

From the milking machine, the milk is placed in a tank for pasteurization. Is milk pasteurization, this process eliminates only disease-causing bacteria, keeping all the nutrients. Sterilization project is not provided, because UHT milk does not provide the same useful qualities that have pasteurized milk.

After pasteurization, the milk is transferred to the packaging line. bottled in PET are marked. The finished products are sent in cold storage awaiting shipment.

Delivery to points of sale is carried out by own transport, once in two days. The stock of finished goods at the point of sales is calculated for two days. Point of sales are equipped with the necessary refrigeration equipment. The sales network is created so as to ensure smooth daily operations.

The project involves the creation of a vertically integrated infrastructure that allows you to manage the full life cycle of product from its production on the ground and before sale to the final consumer. This approach allows to reduce all project risks, at the same time, to obtain the highest possible profit while maintaining a socially responsible product prices.


The commercial concept

The objectives of commercial activities are sales of food products and services and market launch of new brands. To the current problems of the commercial activities include the sale of products, bringing to market a new brand. Long-term objectives commercial activities: providing scalable sales, expanding ways of marketing, expanding the range of products and enter sale of services, entry into new attractive market niche.

The peculiarity of the business model is that the operator of the project integrates internal functions, all stages of the supply chain: production, procurement, logistics, sales. External contracts are for the construction of production base and sales network, the purchase of feed communications.

In the absence of a wide range of products, it is a steady demand. Products are available in several online stores, but in a format "shop on the road" or "shop at home" it is not, that is a great commercial opportunity. Private producers in the villages the goat milk is sold by appointment and without residues. Product prices are mostly standard, but also depend on the level of redistribution, raw milk costs about 100 rubles, pasteurized and sterilized about 250-260 rubles, however, sterilized milk differs significantly worse in quality. Overall, goat milk has its admirers, who consider it unique, from the point of view of benefits for the body.

The production volume is not significant for the market of Moscow, at the same time obvious shortage or even lack of products on the market. The Federal networks of Moscow production is virtually absent. In the suburban networks (e.g. Victoria), appears occasionally. There are sales through the Internet stores. A large part of the raw milk from the producer undergoes conversion into curd, cheese, fermented milk products.

Ongoing information, the company will contribute to the emergence of interest in the product because of the unique philosophy of the project, as well as the highest quality promotional material. The quality of the product is projected in the premium segment, maintaining affordable prices.

The development of the market of goods, possibly due to its low richness of milk and dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products, baby food).

Commercial strategy has a high level of stability, due to a number of factors, including the specificity of the product (essential food) strategy of production and sales of a large number of distribution channels and opportunities to increase their capacities and adding new types of channels.

Throughout the life cycle of the product, possible and strict control of expenses and accordingly, the possibility of their optimization.

More details on this issue will be considered at the design stage.



To make a profit will be through the sale of products — pasteurized goat's milk in its own sales network and through the Table of orders. The price of milk (250 rubles/liter) is insignificant below the market, so that the quality of milk is expected in the premium segment (spring water, clean area, clean air).

Also, it is expected to take on the sale of products of other manufacturers in accordance with the target food matrix. The yield of this trend will be lower, however, it will raise sales of the core product and will give a slight increase in income.

With the development of the project, the planned expansion of the product matrix, which will allow, without changing significantly the range, significantly increase the margins on sales. The products of the matrix, which we will not be able to make their own, to remain a partner. It is possible to open shops in other cities of the Russian Federation or replication of entire business models (franchise or in partnership). This scaling is not taken into account in the calculations and is a factor of potential growth.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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