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As you know, in the Internet there are file sharing sites that pay users for downloading of the file hosted on the file hosting! As this happens, the user logs on to their website, fills your file on their life, after which he is given a personal link to the file, which they post on various sites, forums, blogs, etc. and after the link, namely the file gaining a minimum of 1000 unique downloads, the user receives from $ 4 to $ 10. The size of payments depends on the size of the placed file! Here is an example from the site Letitbit, one of the most popular file-sharing sites!

On this basis, I propose to create a portal that will help to get 1000 downloads user files in just a few hours! That will help to earn on sharing these times more and is much easier than it was before!

The essence of the project

So let's say that the site we already have, and now let us examine how it works. The user comes to our site and registered, after which, he comes to the site file, is also recorded and uploaded to their online file size of 7 MB. This file must be an archive containing mandatory txt document with a confirmation code download! Then back he goes to our website by placing this link with us! Once this is done, it needs to download 10 files of other users, for what would be his link was active that he spends about 30 minutes of your time! And after all this, the same people as it, download it file! Which is one of the 10 required references for download! Thus there is a cycle, so this website will distribute links to each user between the other, so that each download is unique, it is necessary at least 100,000 active user of our project. But this is not a problem, because the Internet every day millions of users are looking for opportunities to earn at least something and the rating of the largest search engines, this is one of the most requested topics!

How to make money

In fact, there are so many variants of earnings in the visited projects, but we will look at several, because I would not want too much to clutter up the site with all kinds of banners and pop-up advertising!

1. Banner ads for required transitions, will be broadcast before each download link. This is worth about 2 $ per 1000 unique clicks. Suppose we have this is just one (in fact you can place up to 10 different), and it was broadcast about 100 000 users per day, respectively, they took over. So on one such banner we have earned 200 $

2. Ordinary banner ads, which will appear on every page of the website. With it we will get money for impressions. One such banner in the average cost from 0.011 $ per thousand impressions. Suppose that such banner places and we have 8 site visits per day is 100,000 people.

0.011 * 100 * 8 = 8.8$ per day

And so, for one day, with an attendance of 100,000 people, we earned 208.8 $ if you calculate for the month it 6 264 $ and it's not very good cards!

The cost of creating

In order to create the project of such level, with a unique filling and in a short time to unwind, you need at least 700 000 rubles.

1. To create the filling of 300 000 rubles, this amount includes the salary of at least 2 programmers, since one will be responsible for the filling itself and the performance of all algorithms. And the second for design and intuitive interface.

2. 100 000 rubles for the purchase of equipment. After all, for the portal has handled a large number of users, you need a powerful server and less powerful computer!

3. 200 000 rubles for optimization in all search engines and raise site link in the top ranks. The advantage to this advertising on the websites and various blogs and forums.

4. 100 000, for unexpected expenses, and the legalization of this project!


The guarantee of invested funds will be the project itself, because, as the popular portal of this level in the market is 500 000 rubles. And given the fact that the filling of this site will be unique, and the price increases! This fact reduces concerns about the investment to a minimum!


In conclusion, I would like to note that while there is no such resource on the Internet, and what his potential is huge, after all, visited the project can be improved endlessly and making all sorts of earning potential!

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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