The engine of the quadcopter with the new principle of fuel combustion, "diffusion"

Project description

The PROJECT AIMS to provide a ROTARY POWER plant for multicopter heavy-duty and the ROTARY ENGINE with the breakthrough technology of combustion ("diffusion"), are not concentric with the scheme of fastening of the blades, the pre-chamber, non-contact seals and air cooling.


We make the PRODUCT lighter, more compact, economical and very cheap so best for use in a new type of air transport – QUADCOPTER.

— We make the engine available to other engines consumer properties, for example, the engine does not have the friction of the blade, does not need refrigeration and therefore can be made of 70% plastic, or aluminum.

New, unique technology of fuel combustion allows:

— forget about detonation

— do not use oil in the combustion chamber,

— completely get rid of the friction of the blades on the housing,

— considerably to reduce thermal losses.

The engine practically does not require cooling, because the trapped body heat returns to work for a subsequent cycle through the heating of the involved gases.

In addition, the engine is very simple and adaptable to production.

A team of developers with experience of research and development.

Have the ability to manufacture and test a new workflow.

The main consumer product – "air taxi" which was presented in China.

But unlike the Chinese product, based on the work of the electric motor and battery our technology will allow you to stay in the air the air unit was 20 – 30 minutes and several hours.

All work on the project can be divided into 4 stages: research and development, the opening of an engine production, the opening of the pilot production of the multicopter and the creation of a network of "air taxi".

The network of "air taxis" very mnogozatratnaya and distant stage, but as we can see China is already preparing for its implementation.

At stage 1 will require a minimum of 5 mils. rubles, 2 and 3 phase from 5 to 30 mil.$, the last stage – more than 100 mil. $.

If step 2 and 3 the profit was linked to the number of sold products and licences, the last, 4th stage can get the profit from the sale of the service is to connect the aircraft to the automated network, organizing the flights of such aircraft.

Stage of the project — design and calculations.

Planned term of the commercialization and commencement of sales (technologies, licenses or product ) Q1 2018.

Market analytics

Market experimental developments. Companies. approximately 19. One of them is new Zealand компаниейMartin Aircraft.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project price: 350 000 000

Investments volume: 5 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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