The development of a network of shops "All flashlights"

Project description

Looking for investment in the project of development of the network stores portable lighting (flashlights and related products) from the online store.

The essence of the business: selling a wide range of lanterns through a network of stationary stores and online shop.

Problem: Where to buy flashlight and how to choose?

If we solve these problems, we'll take an excellent position in a growing market.

Our solution: ALL the LANTERNS.COM – the project of creating a network of stationary points and the development of the current Internet store selling the widest range of portable lighting for various purposes and accessories thereto.

Current situation: with 2013. there is an Internet shop, established contracts with suppliers, regular customers ' orders.

Outlook: the market size of 500 000 PCs different lights per year. The average annual demand growth of 5-15% (WordstatYandex). Moderate competition. The mark-up to 700% (the average is 50%). A small amount of marriage.

Investment requirement: 2, 1 million.

The purpose of the investment — shops opening, working capital, marketing.

The payback period (PP): from 12 months.

Internal rate of return (IRR): 989%

The efficiency of investment (ARR): 18, 24

Look ahead: 6.5 years.

Investment proposal:

1) the Debt option. Rate on the loan — 40% per annum. Loan term — 12 months. Share in the company — 5%. The payback period of 12 months. The estimated income of the investor — 986, 000. out of business C/o 12 months.

2) Equity option. Share in the company — 25%. Payback period — 18 months. The estimated income of the investor — 13 453 000 rubles out of business C/o 36 months.

3) Combined variant. Rate on the loan is 20% per annum. The loan period is 18 months. Share in the company — 10%. The payback period of 12 months. Estimated income investor — 3 187 000 rubles out of business C/o 24 months.

Our customers: gardeners, drivers, security guards, police, firefighters, rescue workers, soldiers, hikers, climbers, divers, fishermen and hunters, cyclists, workers production and transport areas, etc.

Our advantages: multi-channel sales strategy, effective pricing and marketing, impeccable service.

How many lanterns to buy? Only on the Internet looking for various lanterns, more than 100 000 people/month.

The share of Internet sales in total market: 10%.

Our plan to 2018: opening of 13 private and 60 partner points of sales, 130 orders per day in the online store. Target market share of 25%.

We know how to position products and get the most out of the budget.

Attention to:

— dynamic pricing;

— constant monitoring of competitors;

— B2C and B2B;

— multi-channel sales;

— marketing tools;

— seasonally adjusted;

— updating the product matrix;

— management of product residues.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

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Project price: 11 700 000

Investments volume: 2 100 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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Demidov Kirill Anatolevich

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