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At this stage: the formation of the Founders of Etreat, production enterprises, specializing in the production of butyl-vinyl ethers, popular products from components of composite materials to noveishih plasticizers. In detail cost items and planned work in the first year of operation. The authorized capital of RUB 300 million, 3000 shares — 100%, one share of 100 thousand rubles. (See. Articles of incorporation)

An international team of scientists — minded, engineers, and technologists have developed an industrial technology for the production of butyl-vinyl ethers. Technology outperforms the existing technology in efficiency and safety.

The pressure in the reactor of synthesis

our technology is — 2, 1 kg/cm2

BASF technology — 20, 0 kg/cm2

Yield in a single pass CONV.ed. to one of the main raw material.

our technology — 180

technology BASF — 100

Patents in all technological regimes. The technology was tested at pilot plant FOR Carbide, with an annual output of 500 tons. Obtained and developed the technological regulations.

The use of butyl-vinyl ethers:


Plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride

Paint industry

Adhesives and sealants

Medical materials

Industrial and hygienic absorbents

Dosage forms

The volume of Russian market of 116 million euros according to ITC (WTO 2014). The market is restricted by high import prices. Prospects for the use of butyl-vinyl ethers in the production of them in Russia is the implementation of 300 million euros.

Butyl vinyl ethers are not produced in Russia. Fully (100%) are imported — Europe, China. Based on them and produced the above products. At the same time raw materials for the production of butyl-vinyl ethers — butyl alcohol produced in Russia. Hence it is advantageous to locate production in Russia, which will not depend on fluctuations in exchange rates, and on cheap Russian raw materials will produce for the local market and for export, competitive products.

Annual production of 5400 tons (25% of the existing market). With a further expansion to 20,000 tonnes (100% of the existing market of Russia, according to the ITC WTO).

The implementation of — 39, 1 million euros

Production costs — 23, 8 million euros

Profit after taxes — 15, 4 million euros

Profit with discounting — 13, € 9 million

The project payback since the start of production for 3 years

Time of construction is 24 months

Investments 36, 8 million euros

It is advisable to place the production of finished industrial site Alabuga (Tatarstan)

Allowed a pool of investors, and the use of Bank loans. Possible transfer of rights to the technology as an additional safeguard.

For interested investors to send the business plan and other information.

5.The authorized capital

5.1.The company's authorized capital determines the minimum amount of its property guaranteeing interests of creditors of the company. The authorized capital of the company consists of the nominal value of the shares of its participants. The amount of the share capital of the company and the nominal value of the shares of its members determined in rubles.

5.2. The founders have determined that at the time of establishment of the company, its authorized capital is 300 000 000 (three Hundred million) rubles. On the formation of the specified amount in the special account described in section 1.4. Agreement authorized by this founder is obliged to register the Society in the state registration of enterprises.

5.3. Authorized capital of the company expended for the following purposes:

5.3.1. — Purchase a license for the production technology of butyl vinyl ethers, tetrahydroindole and their derivatives — 104 000 000 (four Hundred million) rubles

5.3.2. — Setting up a company — 20 000 (Twenty thousand) rubles

5.3.3. — Organizationa the activities of the company during the year, the staff of 5 people — 24 000 000 (Twenty four million) rubles of which:

— payroll — 4 320 000 (Four million three hundred twenty thousand) rubles

— legal, accounting and audit services — 1 458 000 (One million four hundred fifty-eight thousand) rubles

— Travel — 2 880 000 (Two million eight hundred eighty thousand) rubles

— Room rental and technical services of the management company of the industrial zone "Alabuga" at the rate of 200 sq. meters — 2 400 000 (Two million four hundred thousand) rubles

— Equipment and furniture office — 1 300 000 (One million three hundred thousand) rubles

— Internet, telephone, supplies, office 436 000 (Four hundred thirty-six thousand) rubles

— Compensation of costs on gasoline — 7 000 000 (Seven million) rubles.

— The Fund for the payment of bonus to employees — 336 000 (three Hundred thirty-six thousand) rubles.

— Taxes on wage Fund with the Fund awards — 1 870 000 (One million eight hundred seventy thousand) rubles

— Unexpected expenses — 2 000 000 (Two million) rubles.

5.3.4. — Engineering surveys — 32 800 000 (Thirty two million eight hundred thousand) rubles

5.3.5. — Project work — 122 960 000 (one Hundred twenty two million nine hundred sixty thousand) rubles

5.3.6. Services analytical-audit company "Ernst & young — valuation and Advisory services" to attract investment in the project — 8 000 000 (Eight million) rubles.

5.3.7. — The cost of the second year. First quarter — 6 000 000 (Six million) rubles.

5.3.8. — Reserve — 2 220 000 (two million Two hundred twenty thousand) rubles;

5.4. Only 100% of the shares is equal to 300 000 000 (three Hundred million) rubles, total shares 3 000 (Three thousand), one share of 100 000 (one Hundred thousand) rubles.

5.5. Share payable in cash in rubles.

Investor holding more than 10% of the shares receives the right to have a representative on the Board of Directors.To retrieve the subscription list, please contact the Deputy project Manager Oleg A. Ryapolova

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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