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Tablecloth with song lyrics. Technology is now available. Design, any size. The cost of acquisition of the goods. There are suppliers. Costs min of$ 30,000 a year with the first payment for MOQ of 10000$. FOB price 8$/piece in mass production. Payback in 3-4 months. The markets of the CIS countries. Profit from the$ 100,000 a year.

What are the drinking songs and how to revive it?

Come the holiday weekend. When the whole family gathers at the table and lays a holiday table, often appears awkward silence. At this point, someone will help you remember the old song that everyone knows, and the awkward silence turns into a chant. This phenomenon was called the drinking song. Our ancestors did not neglect her. What happened to her now?

But in our time from different generations too different knowledge and interests, that none of those songs that I know all that killing and drinking songs as an everyday occurrence. But they are an excellent way of transferring knowledge, traditions and culture from one generation to the next, because the songs are property of culture or just describe the time spent by one or more people.

So what to do not to lose a song? Quite simply, in our time, the songs are printed directly on the tablecloth. The next time the table appearing awkward silence, not necessarily to defuse her a silly joke that will drive your face into the paint, you can start to sing, peeping words right on the cloth.

The traditions of their ancestors, their emotions, the events that they had all reflected in these songs, so it is possible to know part of the story, which is interesting from a consumer point of view without getting up from the table. Thus drinking song is a priceless source of information that is worthy of revival in our lives.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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