A special-purpose program Complex "Crystal" (USPK "Crystal")

Project description

1. Business model and product

SaaS (Software as a service)

At this stage: B2B2C

The type of computer: any configuration;

OS: any (recommended UNIX compatible);

The program is a server, installing on users ' computers is not required.

The concept of the project USPK "Crystal"

Modern and innovative product, working as a single system with a WEB-RTS, successfully combining CRM ERP into a single electronic system.

Working.Easy to manage.Fully automated and unlimited scalability.

Electronic Aggregator, combining the basic cycles of life of any company, in any form, at any level of development from sole proprietors to Corporations with a branch network.The program allows you to run simultaneously unlimited number of organizations and individuals, with each organization or individual conducts its customer base, documentation, how individual organizations and/or its subsidiaries, departments, professionals and individuals.

The depth of the branches allows you to control global corporations.

In the program (on the website) offers You more than 40 of the electronic Enterprise management systems and business.The possibility of additional protection of data transmission channels and spaziodanza use and quick receipt of necessary donnyprice decisions by pressing one button in the "E-office in your Pocket"

The electronic system USPK "Crystal" allows to simultaneously and maximally automated 24/7/365 carried out in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation:

The internal economic activity of the enterprise and branches (the balance, metering and control)

Personnel policy (record keeping and training/ professional development)

Financial and economic activities (financial condition and performance)

Commercial relations (the implementation of the electronic document and the transactions of purchase/ sale of goods, provision/receipt of services)

To understand user:

"My products/services" (the Module is the range of Your products and services. Forms price lists. Is searching for suppliers of goods/services. Allows you to Buy-sell products and services online with the required legal financial documents.)

"Inventory accounting and control" operational record of Your warehouses, purchased or sold goods, receipt, cancellation, shipment of their orders, etc.

To implementthe accounting policy of the organization.

Drive your unique electronic document

-Quickly integrate the result to an internal document

-To control your contractor and a responsible person of the enterprise

-Fully control the stages of the transaction with display of online status in Your account

To carry out the full cycle of providing services on Special assessment of working conditions (Complete functional complex of measures on carrying out the special assessment of working conditions at the enterprise.)

To carry out the full cycle of providing services on Educational processes (very relevant for Educational institutions of any type and specialization and territorial location of the vials.

The software package is fully automated all processes and reporting documents at all levels and stages of education)

For the user retention is integrated into the system:"Trading platform"–works on the principles of Tendering platform"Ad shopping"–the task is on the principle of electronic supermarket"Ads"–Universal time-tested tool for selling and buying"Mail module"–Prompt and quality service messaging through crystal Online.

Today USPK"Crystal" in automatic mode for the banking industry can offer electronic pretendering, underwriting clients, and unique electronic platform to perform factoring transactions.

This direction USPK "Crystal" is very important even for this site, and representatives of Investment organizations and private investorsthat can get accounts on invested funds in real time, without participation in the process of facility investments.

The results of OUR work in the framework of import substitution program.

Decent response AT the overseas, as a versatile tool for business and government.

Completely Russian design, servers are in Russia.

Ready to provide full, simple and effective communication: the State of the business population

USPK "Crystal" is a true crisis management tool is vital for small and medium businesses.The problem is solved USPK "Crystal": a Legal entity or an entrepreneur:

1.Ensures maximum efficiency of business (emphasis on small and medium business unlimited development) at minimum cost.

2.Anti-crisis tool of doing business in Russia. (Attach in the hands of business as simple and effective tool for their activities).

3. Provides the User maximum access to the markets, and processes sales of own products and services.

4. Given the inaccessibility of the region makes it possible to quickly, simply and efficiently expand your business (Direct access to the supplier, executor)

5. Provides the investor control over his investment in the project

6. Sformirovat respect to its business, while respecting the Laws of the Russian Federation.

International format simplifies(maladive) external economic and international relations of the business community.

7. Extends the capabilities of the business and its scale.

8. Simplifies the procedures and transparency of transactions on any product — any service, regardless of time and location partners.

9. Its implementation will allow to more effectively realize the possibilities and reduce costs of small and medium business.

Development drivers USPK "Crystal" and the principles of attracting Users to the system USPK "Crystal"

1.The laws and regulations of the Russian Federation

2.The development of a Unified system of international relations of the BRICS countries, Asia Pacific, the Customs Union and the other forming communities within the framework of Russia's interest.

3.Sanctions and crisis oriented businesses and people to import substitution

4.Growing market the Internet-trade, Internet services, electronic document.

5.The lack of real time Russian software that meets the requirements of affordability, simplicity and versatility

6.Insufficient training of specialists to accomplish front office duties.

7. Desire On-line to control the expenditure of their own resources and executives on transactions.

8.Simplicity, effectiveness of the implementation possibilities with the predictable result of

9.Maximum freedom, security and transparency of the transaction and its result.

10.Implementation possibilities according to the principle of "One window" without having to navigate or use third-party hardware or software:

The customer invites the Contractor

— By yourself invites Customer

The seller invites the buyer

— The buyer invites manufacturer

All participants will receive a fixation of interim and final results of the interaction On-line.

The business requires a change of roles (Client –Contractor).

Trends in the use of uspk "Crystal"

1. The formation of the prudent process of doing business on the principle "minimum cost — maximum result".

2. Operational monitoring of any process of the enterprise life at any level.

3. A strong relationship between the business in lean protect the system and forms a unique document

4. Storage of information in Russia.

Fully working modules :

— "Enterprise management",

— "Trade",

— "Warehouse"

— "SOUTH",


— "Expert"

-"Corporate training"

— "External training"

Tested and finalized the Modules:

— "Personnel records"


— Industrial safety

-" Fire safety" and other at the level of laws of the Russian Federation.

Considering scalability in Russia and APR Countries of the Customs Union, BRICS and other business communities in the interests of Russia.

Training to work in USPK "Crystal" already include the requirements in the tender documentation:

Public auction No. 83 in electronic form for right to conclude Contract for the provision of educational services for the needs of the Federal budgetary institution of health "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Krasnodar region" and its branches – item number in the specification.

Partner training in USPK "Crystal" selected NCHOU DPO "ekosfera", Moscow.

By taking full use of this software, the enterprise — Mentor


"National important enterprise of Russia"

"Company No. 1 -2015"

"Head of the year 2015"

Included in the Federal register of reliable suppliers of goods and services Awarded "honour of excellence" of business management

Entered TOP 100 best enterprises of Russia as:

"The best innovation enterprise of Russia" in 2015

Nominated for "global industry-2015" with the award of national mark of quality "the Choice of Russia"

The latest advances USPK "Crystal" is marked in the may issue of the Journal BOSS :


If You are still in doubt, or think it's fantastic?! Come and see for yourself!PS

SaaS tools is in the early stages of development for the global market, but they have already shown the seriousness of their decisions, and the effectiveness of the implementation.

We invite You to participate in this!

We are always ready to provide all your materials on the implementation opportunities and new ways of development USPK "Crystal"For any questions

You can contact us on the details listed on the home page(of the program).

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Stage: Development of existing business

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