Create the farm in the city, which includes the production of fish, shrimp, vegetables, restaurant, convenience store, in Saint-Petersburg

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Project description

We offer to Your attention a share of joint-stock company "JSC Urban farm" in St. Petersburg. This project has huge potential and has no analogues on the totality of all directions. Also, production is not seasonal, fresh produce all year round.

The main company activity is manufacturing (including processing) and implementation (wholesale, convenience store and restaurant) farm (fish, shrimp, vegetables) production in the urban environment (near the consumer). Through the latest technologies in the areas of RAS (device, zamknutogo water), aquaponics, processing, trade and catering.

The company plans to employ 36 employees and occupies 3 600 m2 of production space. The purpose of the implement 470 kg finished fish and vegetables every working day.

Funding (RUB 138 million) for this project is planned to attract through the sale of 92% (920 PCs) of the shares to strategic and financial investors. Business participation can begin with the acquisition of one share is RUB 150 000 to the Investor is to earn the company's profits and the share price reaction. Thus within 5 years, You multiply your capital more than 3 times.

The maximum payback period 51 months from the beginning of the project. The output takes place 12 months after the beginning of the project. The payout occurs quarterly and starts in 18 months from project start. Bank financing is planned to involve, if necessary, repurchase shares from investors, or when the establishment of a second farm in Moscow.

The company develops its activities in specific areas:

  • The cultivation of aquaculture in recirculation aquaculture systems developed by experts in Latvia and the Netherlands. Through technology, annually produces 45 tons of Siberian sturgeon, 54 tons of rainbow trout, 10 tonnes of European eel and 10 tons of giant tiger shrimp. All products is 100% eco-logical (higher quality) and has no seasonality.
  • Growing vegetables on the technology of aquaponics indoors. This system interacts with a system of aquaculture and has 5 times the productivity compared with growing vegetables in soil. In fact, the fish farm produces food vegetable crops and vegetable crops purify the water for fish and produce oxygen. This system developed by Swiss specialists. To identify the most profitable crops need time in the farm system produces vegetables and fruits only for the needs of your own restaurant with a capacity of 8 tons. All products is 100% eco-logical and has no seasonality.
  • Processing of fish products. In order to maximize profits and avoid intermediation in the way of the product to the consumer, the Urban Farm has its own plant for the preparation of chilled and smoked products for sale.
  • Exclusive restaurant serving our own products. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday and serves a minimum of 48 customers per working day. In cooking uses 80% of the products produced on the farm. This area plays a significant role in the promotion and development of the enterprise, as it is a powerful PR tool. An institution of this type has no analogues in Russia.
  • Store. This direction implies a small retail store in a farm building and a shop. Own retail division on the original, the company sells 20% of total production.

Each of the areas has the opportunity to develop separately and with different production capacity. The company not only manufactures products, but in parallel to developing technology. This set of directions (with different production capacity) occurs at least in 50 cities of Russia.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Leningrad oblast, Saint Petersburg

Project price: 150 000 000

Investments volume: 138 000 000

Stage: Business for sale

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Koks Arturs Yurevich

Russia, Leningrad oblast, Saint Petersburg
Food industry