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The project of creating a greenhouse complex with an area of 1323 sq m farming 175 430 kg of tomatoes and cucumbers in Kromskom district, Oryol region.

In our project applies one of the most progressive technologies — intensive energy-saving ecologically clean technology of growing vegetables by a method of multistoried narrowshelving hydroponics.

Technology of multistoried narrowshelving hydroponics is a vegetative cenosis having five simultaneously fructifying layers. Each tier is Autonomous and receives light, thermal energy, mineral and carbon nutrition, which leads to its high production performance. The technology uses the principle of water nutrient film (a thin jet flowing between the roots of the plants). The solution is a thin layer (jet) in the root zone of plants.

A method of multistoried narrowshelving hydroponics allows you to increase:

— the number of the cultivation to 4-9 per year;

— density of planting to 25-30 PCs/sqm;

— the output of seedlings from 1 sqm to 100 PCs.

— total yield of 1 square meter reaches 160-240 kg/sq m per year (using a "gas pedal", possibly up to 400-500 kg/sq. m. per year)

In technology multi-tiered narrowshelving hydroponic plants located in 5 tiers in the volume of the greenhouse with the distance between the layers of 40 cm, with 25-30 adult plants per 1 m2.

The control yield of tomato per plant is 1, 5-6 kg (depending on grade) for the circulation of 105-110 days (each plant is formed by three brushes), with 1 m2 is obtained 38-45 kg per revolution. The number of revolutions ranges from 3 to 9, depending on the radiation mode that allows you to harvest different crops from 120 to 1500 kg/m2.

For this project we need 18 million.

The main income is planned to receive from sale of fresh greenhouse vegetables, mainly tomatoes (60% of the greenhouse area), cucumbers (40% of greenhouse area).

The key parameters of the generated business:

production capacity:

Ø 175 430 kg of tomatoes and cucumbers per year, including:

Ø 107 957 kg of tomatoes per year (61, 54 %) at an average price 92 RUB/kg

Ø 67 473 kg of cucumbers a year (38, 46 %) at an average price of 77 RUB/kg;

Ø the average wholesale selling price of tomatoes and cucumbers – 86, 23 RUB/kg

Greenhouse vegetable complex will be created for 26 months in two phases. The first significant sales of products will begin in 21 months — 33, 5% and 100 % of the plan is 30 months from the beginning of financing.

The payback period (return period of funds invested with discounting) – 57, 53 months, or 4, 79; self-sustainability of the current activities is 21 months from the beginning of financing, and in 22 months — a positive balance of the current activities cumulatively.

The planned financial indicators of the project:

— total revenue for the 8-year forecast period – 88, 3 million.,

— net profit for the forecast period of – 41, 2 million.

Additional information

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project price: 18 000 000

Investments volume: 18 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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