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There is an original technology for obtaining high-strength gypsum binder (hereinafter HBV) from phosphogypsum dump (Voskresensk) or waste gypsum production (fraction 0-60 mm). HBV is konsumentem component of a number of dry mixes. Also it can produce gypsum Board, drywall, etc.

In the Moscow region of HBV only imported (from Samara), so expensive (from 8500 rubles/ton). The proposed production line allows to obtain HBV cost less than 4000 rubles/ton. For successful implementation it is also proposed that the structure of production to include lines for gypsum boards and dry building mixtures.

The production of slabs and mixtures of HBV can dramatically increase consumer parameters of products (to increase durability, to reduce weight) at lower prices (there is a possibility to add a cheap foam or inert fillers). It is possible to create new building materials previously impossible because of the high cost of HBV.

The technology was tested in industrial equipment has certificates and hygienic conclusions.

The payback period — 4, 5.5 years (described in the economic rationale)

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Additional information

Please take with a large grain of salt to the easily accessible information from the Internet about phospholipase — 95% this is a populist article to control public opinion.

Phosphogypsum, when used properly, are recommended for processing by Soviet Standards and technical specifications.

Market analytics

In the moment of crisis there is a redistribution of the market of building materials. Before the crisis, the HBV market in the Moscow region was formed over 95% of production of the Samara plaster plant. HBV was (and still is) expensive, the volume of deliveries gradually decreased (as Samara launched his own brand FORMAN, atelka more and more VHB (it's still raw for later use) in their products — dry mixes). The same situation persists today. Thus, demand exceeds supply. The volume of supply of HBV in the Moscow region is estimated at 15-20 thousand tons per month. The price of 8500 rubles/ton are only available from 2000 tons per month.

The uniqueness of the project

The ability to produce familiar products (dry mixes, plaster plates) with a fundamentally higher consumer qualities.

Monetization sources

Selling of manufactured products

Sales strategy and marketing

Create your own brand for dry mixtures and plates. Access to the retail, creating sobstvennoi network sales. The main contingent of buyers HBV — manufacturers of dry building mixes. Them in the Moscow region is sufficient — we have to work with them directly. With growth of volumes of production — to consider exports to Europe

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Moscow oblast, Yegoryevsk

Project price: 268 000 000

Investments volume: 268 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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