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Project description

Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre "the guelder-rose" will be created for:

— provision of services for the development and implementation of individual programs of complex rehabilitation for the Bubnovsky's method;

— therapeutic activities, the provision of medical services, including rehabilitation activities socio-medical nature on the recommendations of the attending physicians, advice on medical issues, etc.;

— the services of aesthetic medicine;

— rendering socio-psychological services, including psychological diagnosis and examination of the child's personality, psychological correction, psychological assistance, emergency psychological assistance, etc.

The family health rehabilitation center will be decorated in a certain style, which will be broadcast on all activities and reflected in all advertising media and broadcast staff of the health center.

Unique to the city of Bratsk combination of services, thoughtful positioning and high level of service, unique Bubnovsky's technique, the presence of the only in the city of Bratsk services cryosauna, tourmaline sauna, sensory room, salt cave (not in the health care institutions) and the use of oxygen therapy and phytotherapy – will be "the highlight" of the health center.

To attract more customers will be entered into the collective agreement for the services of the center for preventive direction with major enterprises in the city of Bratsk.

To increase the permeability of the centre will be established close cooperation with medical institutions of the city and the recommendations of physicians to patients about the treatment in Wellness and rehabilitation center "Kalina".

Additional information

The Bubnovsky's technique

Market analytics

2. Assessment of the competitive environment, the market forecast. 2.1. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market. The allocation of its own competitive advantages and strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The main competitive factors in the market, socio-medical orientation, currently, are: · price; · quality of services; · uniqueness At the same time for different groups of consumers are predominant different factors. The price factor is the main consumer with an average income who might need the services of a socio-medical nature. The quality of services is more important for consumers with high incomes, those in need, primarily in the increased level of service. Existing direct competitors of the new Wellness and rehabilitation centre on the market of services under consideration are located in Bratsk and have a range of regular consumers, and the prevailing level of prices for their products and services. Characterization and analysis of major competitors by service type is presented below (the analysis was conducted on all directions of the centre). 2.1.1. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market of services for development and implementation of individual programs of complex rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: currently in Bratsk market data services are a very limited number of institutions, allowing to solve this problem. However, the demand for this service is stable, solvent, viscoelastica for the price and has great growth potential. It should be noted that 2 of the sanatorium ("Sunny" and "Brotherly seaside") declares the list of profiles of treatment – treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Thus in practice it is limited to physical therapy, electrotherapy, heat treatments and massages. In pricing center of doctor Bubnovskiy necessary to carry out a comparative analysis of prices in such a centre in the city of Irkutsk (650 km from Bratsk) and Krasnoyarsk (920 km from Bratsk). 2.1.3. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market of services of psychological diagnosis and examination of the child's personality, psychological correction and prevention of respiratory diseases: it Should be noted that recreation and rehabilitation centre "the guelder-rose" will be the only institution in the city, where psychological correction is used the sensory room and music therapy. The uniqueness and effectiveness of these methods proved themselves in the world. At the moment, the sensory room is one of the most recognized and popular areas in the field of child psychology. In the city of Bratsk, at the moment there are a few child psychologists in children's educational centers "Lyubopyshki" and "SEMA". And there is also a child psychologist in a multidisciplinary centre "health and Beauty" and runs the office of skazkoterapii "Living fairy tale". As for the salt cave in the city, they are three of the sanatorium "Sunny", "Jubilee" and "Brotherly Seaside" and a few DOE. This service is not available to a wide audience. 2.1.3. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market for diversified cleaning the body of toxins with the use of cedar barrels: At the moment in the city of Bratsk this service provide all 3 of the resort city: "Brotherly seaside", "solar" and "Jubilee", but this service is not available to a wide audience, as included in the list of services when buying tickets. Also, this service is available in 5 beauty, Wellness centre in the city (IE Shamanic I. N.) and the center of aesthetic medicine "Expression". Beauty salons and Wellness center, which presents this service does not provide it at the level of the planned opening of the center "Kalina", namely, in the salons of the relatively low level of maintenance, lack of qualified personnel, promotional activity. The equipment itself (cedar barrel), these salons are the budget models that do not meet the strict standards to be adopted in the center "Kalina" and that will be emphasized in all advertising campaigns and materials center. Center for aesthetic medicine "Expression" is the strongest competitor for this service (knowledgeable staff, excellent equipment), but the high price of services (40% more than the planned center), low promotional activity centre and the lack of unique ancillary services that will be provided in the center of the "Kalina", minimize his strengths. It is also worth noting that 4 out of 7 competitors for this type of services are within the district engineer and ' that is geographically far away (50 km) from the Central area where it is planned the opening of the center "Kalina" and where 70% of the population of the city of Bratsk and, consequently, a large part of our target audience. 2.1.3. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market for cryotherapy: the market town of Bratsk in this moment there are no companies that provide cryotherapy using the cryosauna. This service for the city will be unique. The closest competitors are located in the city of Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk, as it is geographically from 650 to 930 km from the city of Bratsk. The main therapeutic effects of cryotherapy include: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antiedematous, regenerative, relaxing, antianxiety, antidepressant. The format of our center, the availability of such services will be relevant and which complements other services of the center. And the high cost of equipment in our city will allow us to be the sole provider of this service in the city of Bratsk. 2.1.3. Characterization and analysis of existing competitors in the market of aesthetic medicine: the range of services that will provide the planned opening of the centre "the guelder-rose" will consist of: the services of a professional cosmetologist, trichologist, massage, vacuum massage, pressotherapy, ultrasonic cavitation, body wraps, cryolipolysis methods include interview, tourmaline sauna, integrated face care (cleansing, peeling, injection plastic), various types of waxing and SPA treatments. The market town of Bratsk 35 beauty salons, cosmetology centres and other specialized companies providing services in the field of "Aesthetic medicine". It should be noted that the range of services of these companies is limited, that is, they spetsializiruyutsya or only in one direction, for example for the provision of services beautician and injecting plastics (such companies 10), or offer a combination of several simple procedures of frequent use, such as hair removal, massage. The city's only center for aesthetic medicine "Expression" provides almost a full range of services in this direction and is therefore the main competitor in this area. The company has 2 branches in the Central part of the city of Bratsk. It is worth noting that this competitor is missing the following services: treatments cryosauna and tourmaline sauna, as well as the cost of services provided by 20-40% above than planned cost center "Kalina".

The uniqueness of the project

Rehabilitation center of doctor Bubnovskiy looking for the best recipes for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system medical society resorts to a large number of different methods. Apply medicinal drugs, physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, hirudotherapy, acupuncture. In official medicine the most commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, muscle relaxants, chondroprotectors. One means of treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is considered a therapeutic exercise. At present, physiotherapy is not widely represented in medical institutions, does not have the appropriate equipment and specialists, although it has many advantages over other methods. Bubnovsky S. M. almost new revised the the whole concept of treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints, spine and, in accordance with the laws of physiology, has developed its own methodology, which is based on kinesitherapy (treatment by movement). The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that to treat a number of diseases for the first time in world practice the doctor of S. M. Bubnovsky asked not to surgery or medicines, and to internal resources of the human body. The main method used KINESITHERAPY (kinesis — movement + therapia — treatment) – treatment of the proper motion. To influence the organism in the Bubnovsky's method uses specially designed sets of exercises in the gym Bubnovsky multifunctional with the functions of decompression and antigravity (MTB). Long-term experience of doctors-therapists evidence of effectiveness of technology for the recovery of the spine and large joints (shoulder, knee, hip) without the use of medicinal pain relief and surgical intervention. Each patient receives a customised programme, following the recommendations which he will be able to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The result of treatment is the removal of drug addiction, the restoration of full disability and improving the quality of life of the patient. From all the above, it follows that in the city of Bratsk there are no medical or health institutions offering similar services. At the moment there are more than 100 centers in Russia and abroad, the successful experience of which makes the opening of this rehabilitation center in the city of Bratsk. Halotherapy and child direction of the Wellness center In 2014 halotherapy is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In the beginning of the XXI century opened the so-called X-factor is the main therapeutic component, which along with the ionized dry highly dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride played a significant role in the health effect. They became powerful polarized quantum flux of infrared radiation in a wide range, which was found in Solotvyno and the basis for the natural quantum of halogenerators, which are located around the perimeter of quantum energy halochamber. These developments in halotherapy had allowed many times to enhance the effect of prevention, rehabilitation and treatment using artificial salt caves last generation, and also to expand the range of influence of halotherapy and its scope. Initially the halo was conceived as an effective tool for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, but further studies allowed us to effectively deal with all respiratory diseases, including seasonal SARS, as well as eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin and allergic diseases. Now this spectrum of diseases is expanding every day, allowing you to heal or bring into remission cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteochondrosis, arthritis, immune insufficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other diseases. Wellness centre "the guelder-rose" will offer everyone the opportunity to undergo the necessary health treatments in your own town without having to travel abroad in search of natural salt caves! Consumers NEED available halocenter, which can be easily reached by car or bus. This business idea is ideal for any city! Sensory Room in their work can use different specialists (doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, special needs teachers). Depending on the shape of the underlying pathology and related diseases in the sensory room sessions can be aimed at achieving the following objectives: · relieve muscle and emotional tension, achieving a state of relaxation and emotional balance; · activation of the various functions of the Central nervous system through the creation of rich multisensory environment; · stimulation of weakened sensory functions (vision, touch, hearing, etc.); · development of motor function; · creation of positive emotional background, motivation, and to conduct other medical procedures. Sensory room in the centre is not just for children. To relieve stress, to forget all the troubles of life can and adults At the moment, the sensory room is one of the most recognized and popular areas in the field of child psychology. The uniqueness of Senso-therapy in the first place is that it allows you to get a positive physical effect without the use of any medicine. This is especially important when used in children's therapy, and in treating people with multiple complex diseases or uncertain diagnosis. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and is very promising.

Sales strategy and marketing

Determination of market capacity In practice, often confusing the concept of "capacity market" and "market size" (synonym scope of the market). Therefore, it is necessary to immediately define the terminology. Market capacity is the maximum amount of sales that can reach all companies of the market within a certain period of time. Since it is impossible for all potential consumers to get to buy a particular product, this concept is theoretical and is only used to give an idea about the limits of market saturation. The size (volume) of the market is actual sales of the product in the market in a certain period of time. The reason for the extension of the interest market is the changing lifestyle of the population. So, now in Russia there is a growing interest in healthy lifestyle. Even if people do not attach seriously to fitness and Wellness movement, they try to at least look athletic and strong. Including under the influence of these fashionable trends, the Russians began to buy more sporting goods, have increased consumption of medical cosmetics, biologically active additives to food, foods that are low in fat, are increasingly resorting to plastic surgery. To determine the capacity of the market in our case we will use multiple methods · in the area of "rehabilitation center of doctor Bubnovskiy" — based on the data of the state statistics Committee of medical diseases in the city of Bratsk; · in the area of "aesthetic medicine" — on the basis of regular researches of the markets of regions and cities, which involved research companies such as ACNielsen and TNS Gallup Media, GfK, COMCON; · in the direction of "Halotherapy and child direction of the Wellness center" the determination of the number of the target audience, using data from the state statistics. Of course, the market belongs to the key factors influencing the choice of a particular strategy of the company in the market. However, in most cases, accurate calculation of the volume of the market is impossible due to the lack of statistical information. Therefore, in our case, we define the capacity of the market to give an idea of the maximum sales that can be achieved. To determine market size we have used as numerical methods (collection of statistics) and expert estimates from different sources. Used data from statistical committees. Determination of market capacity in the direction of "rehabilitation center of doctor Bubnovskiy". When calculating the revenue part of this direction were taken into account findings and recommendations of the Moscow center of doctor Bubnovskiy. On this basis, a rehabilitation center can serve up to 100 patients a month (the duration of a treatment cycle of 12 sessions). According to medical statistics of the city of Bratsk annually with the problems of the musculoskeletal system in medical institutions of the city are turning 6’300 people. On this basis it can be argued that the services of the rehabilitation centre "the guelder-rose" will be in demand in the city of Bratsk and the capacity of the market with no direct competitors allows us to consider the direction of center perspective. Application No. N "Medical statistics of the city of Bratsk" medical statistics of the city of Bratsk, increased morbidity (asthma, frequent respiratory viral infections, cardiovascular system, diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus in connection with a sedentary lifestyle). Due to the current environmental situation in our city, children are born with a weakened immune system, get sick twice as often. With the transition of the disease to a "chronic process".

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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