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Hello! Please consider our project for the processing of copper smelter slag by beneficiation (crushing, grinding, separation, classification, filtration and drying) and get copper concentrate and iron concentrate. The factory has more than 20 years not working, room was formed in the period of 1930-1994 gg and is more than 2, 5 million. tons. The results of analysis of samples taken c 5-6 places from different parts of the room:

— the average copper grade 5. 5 kg/t, a maximum of 7, 5 kg/t,

the average iron content of 140 kg/t, to a maximum of 220 kg/t.,

also very reassuring to the content of precious metals(gold, silver)

We are a team of four specialists (technologists, engineer crushing equipments, engineer mills, and separation), similar technology was launched. Everything needed for production (water, electricity, road, railway/road) the terms next to the room.

We plan to process 500 tons of slag per day, 200 days( from early spring until frost), i.e. 100,000 MT/year and receive annually 2,200 tons of copper concentrate in terms of money 4m. 400tysyach dollars.So on average, 15,000 tons of iron concentrate, in terms of money of 1 million 500 thousand. $ .

The required amount of 1 million. $ instead of a 50% stake in the project(in the business).

If You are interested in the project, I can send a detailed business plan for this project. Location: Kazakhstan, Karaganda region.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

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Project price: 80 000 000

Investments volume: 80 000 000

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Baibolov Serikbai Baibolovich

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