Project description

Project description

There are technical solutions, the absence of which does not allow a lot of necessary and useful projects. That would be something to grow, you need the presence of five mandatory conditions of the earth, heat, air, light and water. The air needed for the root system. Found a solution, which allows for aeration of the root system with a compressor from the inside bottom up to 100% of the area. Existing models the area of the aeration 20-25% of the pipe under the field. My solution for pipes under there.

It is possible to implement the following projects:

-Intensive roof (you can walk) landscaping. This additional sites in major cities (children, sports, walking, English lawn, etc.).

Additional green zones in cities perform environmental, conservation, ecological, sanitary-hygienic and recreational functions.

Currently, only extensive (not to go) roofing landscaping.

-The greening of sports — soccer, tennis, Golf, Polo, etc.

Appeared the refrigeration unit and the game of hockey in indoor arenas. Aeration is 100% of the area of the field and the game of football can also be performed in indoor arenas in a comfortable environment for spectators and players in any climatic conditions without replacement of the turf during operation.

- /X Hydroponics? Why the vegetables from the air, if you can grow out of the earth aerated.

-Construction of the winter gardens. Perennial shrubs and trees planted in aerated soil, the same plants, planted in open ground. In addition to aeration, all other tasks have been solved (heating, irrigation, lighting, phyto lamps, ventilation).

Its customers include sports federations in sports, held on grass, the administration of large cities, individuals.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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