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Project description

"Flat time" is the absolute reconstruction of Soviet life.

Artifacts of the Soviet apartments was about me "bit by bit" and fully consistent with their ages. Was a full restoration all original furniture and belongings.

The project is a "time machine" that takes you to a specific date from the Soviet period.

"Flat time" is NOT a Museum of vintage drinking glasses, from the set of 1860 (!) eating, tube TV 1960 shows Soviet regularly telecast.
"Flat time" is the absolute reconstruction of Soviet life.
"Flat time" is not just a restaurant, but a REAL, Soviet kitchen where I prepare the recipes of the legendary Tome "the Book about tasty and healthy food".
"Flat time" is a conceptual place where you enjoy your memories and take pictures in the atmosphere of a Soviet apartment in three versions: 60-e, 80-e, 90-e years of the last century.
"Flat time" gaming and entertainment space. In the "Apartment" is one of the largest collections of videos with the best movies of the 80s and 90-ies, a collection of cartridges for Nes console, collection of vinyl records and inserts "Turbo".

For whom the project was created, and who will come to visit?

— People fondly reminiscing of his Soviet childhood and the pioneer youth.

Each person has their favorite time and the associated memories. What we're going to pull out of Your memory. So You once again immersed in the carefree time and felt happy!

— Kvestomanov.

We will have the original versions of the quests. It will be a mix of the quest, "What? Where? When?" and restaurant. The game will be designed for the whole family. It will be a new format for family holidays. Will not be bored!

— Pupils and students.

Help youth tear off (at least for a couple of hours) your eyes and fingers from tablets, phones and other gadgets, which is a big part of their lives. They know and understand what their parents lived, what their Hobbies and values as the rest 30 — 40 years ago. Young people today have never seen a TV Rekord 1958. Many have not heard about vinyl and cassettes. They didn't see the satire Raikin, not seen a real Blue light 60. Filed in the form of a game information will be of interest to them and will be remembered much better than the lines in the textbook.

Foreign tourists

Foreigners know nothing about the REAL LIVES of Soviet citizens, their life and most of all — don't know the history of the USSR. Our guides will acquaint tourists with the history of the country, which is not there otherwise than with our help.


Our menu is based on popular Soviet dishes. This is something were treated to the welcoming hosts to their guests. This is what was put on the table when our parents were going to visit. This is something that is inherent in us at the genetic level. )) The best recipes from the "book of tasty and healthy food". No GMO, amplifiers, dyes and other nasty things. Only the best and healthy!

— Filmmakers

The creators of the series "the 80s" I want to hold in the "Flat" presentation of his latest season with the entire cast. If the Directors and producers wanted to do, so I achieved the desired result and recreated the real atmosphere of the Soviet apartments of different eras. Sure, the project site will be mass shooting as documentaries, and art.

— youth and seniors

We wanted to run the social projects and to invite groups of schoolchildren and children from disadvantaged families completely free of charge. We wanted to do on a regular basis meetings of children and the elderly out of nursing homes, in our "Apartment". And so, and others not enough to live communication, we have, they would have got the entertainment covered tables and mutual assistance. Children would receive invaluable advice of older generations and older people -- the spiritual communication which they lack.

A business project is unique and has no analogues in Russia.

There is a high probability of geographical expansion of the project through the sale of the franchise.

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Market analytics

Analyst (professionals) were conducted, but from the available sources it becomes clear that the Soviet theme — the trend of the next decade.

The uniqueness of the project

The project combines several types of recreation and entertainment: restaurant, Museum, quests, movies.It — entertainment center, located on the pedestrian street of Moscow — Old Arbat. Analogues of this project no.

Monetization sources

1. Signed preliminary agreements with agencies that will provide a constant stream of foreign tourists to "Flat time." 2. Was invented and developed by the thematic programmes for different segments of the population: Birth Day, photo Shoot, Quests (under development) a Romantic date, Corporate programs, Appartment (live performance musicians), etc. All of this has worked and enjoyed success.3. In the "Flat time" is space available that you can use for Your existing business (if it will fit into the concept).4. The scheduled opening of the gift shop, which will increase revenue 15 — 20%.

Sales strategy and marketing

Promotion in social networks (targeted advertising, posts in friendly groups) scenes on TV, ads on radio, writing articles in mass media, social advertising (outdoor advertising).Everywhere there are friends and acquaintances, bloated advertising budget is not required.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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