Italian brand of clothes of a class "Pret-a-porter"

Project description

The aim of the project is the development, production and sale of clothing collections pret-a-port direction Alta Moda is the Italian brand.

Consumers — active business women. Collection designed for girls ' and women's sizes 42-54 in age from 30 to 55 years. They fully meet the requirements of the premium segment of the market, which means costly models: high quality fabric, finish, special attention to tailoring and fit.

Market – Europe, America, Russia and Asia.

The main strategic criteria – "Made in Italy". Create collections in Italy is dictated by the very high requirements of consumers. And this is the Italian master can ensure that the clothes these requirements. Also, the development of collections in Italy has the most important advantage is an exclusive showcase for the development of brand recognition.

People, choosing clothes, looking for the opportunity to stay up to date. He has to spend time picking up your image. We offer holistic images and when creating collections to do this accent. This is particularly important in active business women, who know who they are and what they want.

Market analytics

The global market for personal luxury goods, such as clothing, leather goods, watches and jewelry, cosmetics and perfume in 2014 amounted to € 224 billion (according to Bain & Company). According to forecasts by Bain & Company in 2015, this market is € 253 billion By 2017 this market will grow to € 265 billion Of which 25% are clothes. 29 % for the leather goods.The total number of consumers of luxury goods in the world about 350 million people. By 2030, there will be 400 million 31% of the total global volume of purchases in the luxury segment, do the Chinese (mostly outside China)and 24% американцы18% of Europeans.The largest regional market is the US (34%), second largest of Europe (33%).By 2025 the growth of the market Fashion Luxe will shift to emerging markets. By 2025, 68 percent of fashion goods will be sold in developed markets and 32% in developing (in 2004 — 92/8, 2011 — 83/17).

The uniqueness of the project

We create the collection, whose main feature are rare and highly valued combination of sophisticated materials, the complexity of the models and ability to wear clothes on a daily basis. We create images that are not well-matched set of clothes, and a set that allows you to stay up to date. This gives buyers incentives change purchase, they are not updating the wardrobe, they follow a new state. As a consequence, more frequent purchases. This approach will attract more young consumers who prefer to receive quality experiences in other ways.

Monetization sources

— Selling collections through showrooms, shopping.- Selling collections via its own network of stores.- Selling collections via the online store.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

International project

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