Looking for an investor to open a hostel in the Russian style

Project description

The main idea of the project: Opening of a network of hostels in 4 cities of the Asian part of Russia, in the Russian style (the use of the interior of the image of Russian folk art). This business plan shows a plan for the opening of the hostel in Krasnoyarsk. Further opening of hostels in other cities there will be a similar project with similar costs. The total estimated cost to start a hostel in 4 cities should not exceed 8 000 000. For more information of development of a network of hostels to speak directly to the author of the project.

Target market: Krasnoyarsk.

Target consumer group: People aged 16 to 40 years with average incomes and below average.

Number of rooms: Total number of rooms 5 total capacity of 26 people. The hostel will be equipped with 4 rooms for 6 persons and one room for 2 people.

The room rate per night:

— 6 bed mixed room for men and women 500 roubles per bed;

— in separate 6 bed rooms price per day 600 rubles per bed;

— the cost of one night's accommodation in a double room 1500.

The location of the hostel: the Hostel will be located in the Central Soviet area, it is desirable that the room was near the Mall, railway station or other places of a mass congestion of people. The hostel will be located in a nonresidential premises on the ground floor with a total area of 130 sq. m – 150 sq. m.

Primary competitive advantages: Unique style rooms, a coffee shop on site, the quality of organization and quality treatment of customers.

Project leader: Ishutin I.

The total cost of the project: 1 500 000 RUB., the full amount will be attracted from the investor (s) of the project. The investor must be prepared to ensure that may require additional funds in the amount of 200 000 for the creation of "insurance cushion" of the project, which can be used in the first half year of the project. In the case of the project on the expected rates of return in the first half year after the opening of the hostel, the reserve funds will be fully returned to the investor.

The projected scope of service: 4 months after opening is planned to reach the level of congestion at the hostel 62, 5 % = 16 daily visitors (average monthly index).

Duration of the preparatory period: 5 months.

Payback period: 2 years.

Market analytics

In the city of Krasnoyarsk this type of business is gaining momentum and over the past 2 years, the market emerged several hostels at a high level. In addition there are some other less quality hostels and Inns located in apartments and having no more than 2 rooms for 2 people. Only such establishments in Krasnoyarsk approximately 30 by applying the Pareto principle it is possible to notice that the main competition (80%) is 4-6 competing hostels (20% of the total volume on the market).P.S. A more detailed market analysis contained in the business plan.

The uniqueness of the project

1. Unique design.2. The best ratio quality/price.3. The provision of additional services.P.S. A more detailed description of the uniqueness and style of the hostel is contained in the business plan.

Monetization sources

The main clients of hostels are young people aged 16 to 40 years, namely, students, travelers and other people who do not have enough money to stay in expensive hotels. All these people arriving in a strange city and especially a foreign country are counting on the place where they will be able cheap stay while not worrying about their health, sleep and the safety of personal belongings.P.S. A more detailed description is contained in the business plan.

Sales strategy and marketing

Basic marketing tools. 1. Stickers on personal vehicle 2. Advertising in the local magazine "Pick." 3. The creation of the site. 4. Posting ads in the area to find the advance. 5. Distribution of announcements to area to find the advance. 6. Placing ads on the site "Avito" and "AU 24". 7. Creating a group in "Vkontakte" and an account in "instagram" and other social services.networks. 8. Advertising in the popular social groups.network "Vkontakte" and custom advertising from the public rights of the city of Krasnoyarsk in "instagram". 9. The conclusion of a cooperation agreement with a local Agency for travel and tours. 10. Advertising in 2gis. 11. Advertising our hostel by "Booking".P.S. A more detailed description of the marketing strategy contained in the business plan.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk

Project price: 1 500 000

Investments volume: 1 700 000

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