Presentation of the investment project "the REVIVAL"

Project description


The revival of the Russian village with the use of advanced technologies of cultivation and processing of agricultural products – that's the essence of this project and at the same time the name of the enterprise – initiator of the project.

LLC "corporate farms "Revival" is located in Zvenigovo, Mari El Republic, approximately 100 km from such cities as Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, on the picturesque Bank of the Volga river.

This is the best location to organize your agricultural firms, organizations of agro-tourism complex there, the development of industrial fish farming, opening a farm shop.


The initiator of the project – the Society with limited liability "corporate farms "REVIVAL".

Location: 425060, Mari El, Zvenigovo, Lenina str., 32/1, of. 32, WAS 1203116700, CAT 120301001, BIN 1151225010463.

Director Vsemirnov Vladimir.

Has successful experience of start-up and output on a designed capacity of factory fish farming in the Volgograd region, as well as extensive experience in agriculture, including as the Deputy head of the regional agriculture.

Land available:

— purchased the property 7, 33га under main agricultural premises;

— is made in the rent of 230 hectares for 49 years.

Near the first site there is a substation and water tower 40 metres from the site, gas within 500 metres.

The second section consists of four fields with a total area of 232, 18 ha.

In addition, it is possible to obtain from a nearby poultry litter with a moisture content of up to 80% — in the amount of 24-30 tons/day, and with humidity up to 20% -6-10 t/day. This resource is free.


To reduce the risks associated with the organization of "the folk "Revival" and its activities in agriculture, part of the business areas were selected conditionally from the farm:

1. Processing of poultry litter

2. The carrot cultivation and processing

3. Cultivation of musk ducks at the FCA on green feed all year round

4. The cultivation of bull-calves of meat breeds on the street

5. Pediatric agritourism

6. Breeding and rearing trout.

The starting order of the business areas due to their ability to create profit in a short period of its existence, to the "folk "Revival", you could reinvest the money in new directions and in 5 years get profit of not less than 50 million rubles a year, increasing the cost of capital in several times.

The activities of "corporate farms "Revival" begins with the manure of the poultry farm, which is located near the farm, and are ready to bring the litter for disposal.

1. Processing of manure of the poultry farm.

The poultry plant agreed the issue of the reception of the litter the "folk "Revival".

Processing of manure is divided into 2 stages:

The first stage – litter processed by two components for odor removal and preparation of manure to inoculation with starter culture probiotic. It takes two to three hours. Then, in a litter fermenting agents are added. Introduction occurs when the mixing pit 1 kilogram prepared a starter of 20 tons of manure.

For 15-20 hours of litter processed by bacteria ferments, the smell goes away, the output is pasta with a moisture content up to 40%. This product can be packaged in bags for sale as probiotic organic fertilizer and sell it at a price of approximately 10-12 rubles for 200 grams, or 40 rubles/kg., This fertilizer can be used for watering of gardens and compost pits. Implementation is done through the shops for summer residents, gardeners, farmers.

In addition, this pasta is both a feed additive is a probiotic. This Supplement can be added to feed all the animals, probiotic gives additional weight gain and milk yield in all species of animals. Feed additive is a probiotic sold in farms from 10 to 14 rubles per kilogram.

At this stage the production and sale of this product allows you to receive revenue at 1 million rubles a month (assuming the sale of 72 tons per month, or slightly more than 3 tons per day) that will cover current expenses of the enterprise. The ratio of consumption of this Supplement – 1 kg/day per head of cattle, i.e. 3 tons of products up to 3 000 birds, and this is 5-6 small nearby farms.

Selling organic fertilizer and feed additives will allow the company to test the product-markets, to establish relationships with potential consumers.

The second stage of drying the manure in the dryer with a fluid bed layer. After drying, is granulated litter, the product is suitable for storage for several years.

Productivity of the line "all year Round" on the finished product – 1 ton per hour, process equipment supplier – NIMOL Rodnik (Kirov), the trademark "Agrostimul". Technology "year-Round" allows you to enter different markets with different types of goods.

This technology refers to a labile technologies, i.e. on one and the same hardware can be made from bird droppings fertilizer, animal feed and poultry pellets.

The production of fertilizers.

For the production of fertilizers in the composition of the manure injected NPK required for this type of fertilizer, granulated fertilizer with a diameter of 4-6 mm under rukovodi of drills, allows you to enter large-tonnage market supply of fertilizer for agricultural companies and agricultural holdings, and also to share with other farms in hay, straw, manure, grain-legumes for the production of fertilizers and feed.

Fertilizer is provided to be applied to their farms, and for sale, at a price 8-14 RUB/kg in wholesale and 30 RUB/kg for gardeners.

Revenue in this area after reaching the estimated capacity will reach 15, 8 million rubles a year (including profit of 10, 2 million rubles), for initial investments 14, 1 million.

The production of animal feed.

In poultry manure contains up to 50-70% of undigested nutrients, which can be used for further production of feed after pre-treatment of litter. So, in the United States annually produces up to 3 million tons of feed for calves on the basis of litter of poultry farms.

In crop rotation farms have mixed crops (mixture of triticale with legumes), which yield biomass is up to 15 tons per hectare. At harvest all the crops harvested at the same time and roll fall triticale grain and straw, bean stalk and pods. It gives a balanced composition for the subsequent production of animal feed.

Production line "year-Round" allows to process biomass mixed crops at the same time with the dung, while the output is a complete granulated feed for calves and other animals. Mass fraction of litter in the composition of the feed can be up to 50%.

The selling price of these feed from 12 to 14 rubles/kg.

Revenue in this area after reaching the designed capacity (in single shift operation) 1, 58 thousand rubles. per month, or 18, 9 mln.

2. The carrot cultivation and processing

One of the business areas selected growing carrots on new technology and its sale after harvest.

To work with a carrot in a field of 45 acres is needed to invest 10, 8 million rubles, that is 1 hectare – more than 200 thousand rubles. It is gratifying to note that this field gives the proceeds in the sale of carrots in the fall for 6 rubles per kilogram – 12 million with a yield of 80 tonnes per hectare. Taken to calculate the average yield in England, for example, you get yields up to 150 tonnes per hectare, in the Volgograd region — up to 130-150 tons per hectare in Moscow region – 86 tons per hectare.

When reaching the set performance carrots after the sale will give up to 7, 2 million rubles of profit annually.

Processing carrots. The production of dry carrots

The fact that the vegetables remains up to 30% of the waste is well known, and growers know it. The "folk "Revival" substandard carrots (scrap, carrot with spikes, broken, fines) is processed into vegetable flour. From this flour is a product with high added value.

Recycled sub-standard carrots can be produced by the following dry mix:

1. Mix carrot casseroles.

2. Mix chops carrots.

When entering the market and the possible expansion of the range. So, casseroles can be released with the addition of raisins, dried apricots, nuts etc. are Also carrot cakes can be lean, with greens, with tomatoes, with zucchini, peas, mushrooms, chicken, etc.

At the initial stage of the marketing of dry powder of carrots at the wholesale (sausage and other food production).

Revenue in this area when the designed capacity will be 10 million rubles (including profit — 8, 3 million) with an initial cost of 8, 6 million.

3. Cultivation of musk ducks at the FCA on green feed all year round.

Choice of business directions due to the fact that the meat the duck and the eggs are ready to buy restaurants of Kazan, Cheboksary and Yoshkar-Ola, that is, until the organization of his farm shop there are real sales.

Selected Muscovy duck (indoda) as they are unpretentious in food, you can feed year-round on green grass, with a small addition of grain-legume forage. Ducks have a high immune status, very little diseases. Delicious lean meats, low-fat. In the year brings up to 100 eggs. Easily takes cold in the winter you can heat the room only when severe frosts.

For keeping ducks selected building ukf – universal set for farmers. The FCA has dimensions 12х36х4, 5 m. Room is divided into two parts: one part for growing ducks, the other for growing greens. Growing greens takes place at a temperature of + 16. 18 degrees Celsius, a room for the ducks can't heat due to gas exchange in the duck room will be warm. Ducks produce carbon dioxide, ammonia, and plants – oxygen. This exchange gives good results, the grain on the shelves to feed the ducks germinates in 10 days to 18 cm, and the ducks quickly gaining marketable weight.

Feeding the ducks used all year round green feed. The benefits that dramatically reduces the impact of lean years, which are at least one year out of five years. The grain during germination increases its weight 6-7 times. And one kilo of meat is three pounds of grass. And it turns out that when investing in growing ducks 8 million rubles, a duck within the first year makes a profit of 800 000 rubles, and in the second year – already 4. 5 million rubles.

Farming ducks on the grass and gives a good publicity stunt when selling, it's like a ribeye steak premium duck grown on green grass!

4. The cultivation of bull-calves of meat breeds in the street. Reducing the cost of meat due to intercropping.

The purpose of this direction is the cultivation of bull-calves of meat breeds with the aim of obtaining high quality beef and making a profit from the sale of meat. Initially, the meat is shipped to restaurants in Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola, Cheboksary, and then sold through their own farm shop, the meat goes to food located in Umbria, Agriturismo.

Breed steers selected – Hereford. This beef breed was developed in England, have the opportunity to breed herefords all year round on the street (easy to tolerate frosts to — 40⁰С).

Bulls are bought in the spring weighing 100-150 kg and doroshivtsi 12 months, the weight of the bulls reach 500 kg due to the use of probiotics during watering animals and mixed feed instead of straw.

The average sale price of meat through a store (long cut) – 300 rubles per kilogram.

In this part of the meat will be obtained of the highest category is beef, the price of which reaches 1000-1500 RUB/kg.

Revenue after a year of fattening steers 100 to 500 kg will amount to RUB 9 million (the sale of meat for 300 rubles/kg).

5. Pediatric agritourism

The children's medical agrotourism is a unique business, the potential of which is not disclosed in Russia.

When engaging children with animals leaves most psychosomatic diseases are allergies, diathesis, asthma.

When investing in RUR 31 million, the revenue after the project the planned capacity will be 28, 8 million rubles a year (including profit of 17, 8 million). Pediatric agritourism removes the seasonal dependence of conventional tourism and creates loyal buyers of eco-products.

The planned creation of eco-villages, where children live with their parents in houses from environmentally friendly materials, close to nature. Each house has its representation of animals, which are an integral part of the treatment – pet therapy (treatment of animals).

In the summer it is possible to organize children's health camps.

Potential buyers of the product (service)

Potential customers — parents with children aged 3 to 12 years. It is the residents of Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Cheboksary and the nearby regional towns, middle class, with incomes from 25 to 70 thousand rubles per month. It's the people who think about their health and the health of their children, for whom the words "ecology" and "natural products" — not an empty phrase. They are tired of the hustle and bustle of the cities, polluted air and genetically modified foods in the store. Egypt and Turkey have long lost their relevance, Italy and Spain are much more expensive, so they want to relax useful and beautiful in Russia.

Currently, the issue of signing contracts with organizations of Kazan, Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola on the collective year-round recreation for families with children.

The eco-village.

In the first phase it is proposed to build the eco-village "Magic of Zvenigovo" — wooden houses, which imitates the rustic but urban living conditions (shower, toilet).

Each guest house is unique farmstead, every child would live with their animals and birds. Animals – goats, sheep, bulls, horses, deer. Poultry – turkeys, chicken, geese, duck (optional).

Important: the animals in this project are an integral component — part of the curative treatment and at the same time, the "highlight" of the project: children will know that from that cow or goat milk they drink.

That is the species diversity of animals, the possibility of living near them, care for them and will be the magnet that will cause children to ask the parents again and again to go to the deer, and the one who lived with the deer, to go see the goat or the horse.

6. Breeding and rearing of trout

In ponds on the farm planned to grow trout.

The conversion of feed in trout (translation of feed into meat) than chicken, twice, and the sale price is 3-5 times more expensive.

To create a constant influx of fishing in ponds grown carp, carp, carp, catfish, roach, trout.

In addition to the fish business, folk takes the responsibility of organizing the catch of river fish in the Volga.

Farm shop

In the territory of Agrofirm will work the farm shop. The shop organized the sales of eco-products at retail prices.

Located in Umbria, Agriturismo visitors will be able to buy on the spot and to order further products from vegetables to finished products from meat and fish. Gradually, due to the located in Umbria, Agriturismo, bringing their friends and family, as well as through additional advertising will grow a group of loyal customers, which will be developed a system of bonuses and discounts.


1. The project's compliance with the goals of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy and improve its competitiveness, and compliance with the program of import substitution.

2. The presence of a strong coordinated team of professionals, including agrotechnical, builders, specialists in the field of livestock and fisheries, which are able to unite to accomplish the task, to act in concert in times of crisis.

3. Developed a process for drying vegetables, combined with grinding the roots into flour, at the expense of this technique reduced the cost of production of vegetable flour in 3 times in comparison with competitors. The unique technology of drying allows to obtain the vegetable flour of the highest quality.

4. Developed a unique technology for the production of probiotics for cattle and other animals where the breeding ground for the development of probiotic microflora is sterilized manure.


1. The rudimentary state of the market of organic products, flour, vegetables, probiotics.

2. Not worked out the policy of promotion the product on the market.

3. Weather and natural risks crop failure.


1. Search for large wholesale buyers of products of the agricultural firm on a permanent contract basis.

2. Continuous work on promotion and popularization of products, including the Internet and publications.


The initial investment costs, mln.

58 mln.

Return on assets for 5 years = 159/58 x 100%

274 %

Annual income after reaching the design capacity (before tax), mln RUB

50, 7 million.

The profitability of the project for the first 5 years, annual, %

(Calculated as total profit obtained over the 5 years/is related to the original cost x the number of days in a year/number of days in 5 years)

RUB 159 million/58 million RUB х365/ T days 5 years (1825) X100%

54, 8 %

The profitability of the project after reaching the design capacity

(Profit per year/annual затратых100%)

50, 7 mln. rubles 31, RUB 9 million x 100%

159 %

The joint efforts of two parties — the investor of the project and its initiator, "the folk "Revival" — created process for growing capital. The invested funds each year to provide profit at the level of initial investment and the cost of business increases over the five years to 400-500 million rubles, reducing the risk of investment in the business (the selected method of business valuation – the amount of Deposit in the Bank, allowing to receive the same annual income at current rates on deposits).

Thus, this investment project has strong economic potential, short payback period (roughly 3 years, and separate areas – 1, 5-2 years), and also allows you to take a strong position in the emerging market of organic food markets organic fertilizers and probiotics.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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