Equestrian club

Project description

Equestrian club offering all the necessary infrastructure, namely: — the land is 2 hectares, 30 km from Moscow; — Mews; — indoor training field; — administrative building; — building for storage of fodder; — barn; indoor arena; — garage.

The expenditure part of the project.Earth.The construction of infrastructure and podvedenie communications.The acquisition of horses.The purchase of equipment.

The revenues of the project.

1. Service pension for horses for tenants.

2. Rental horses.

3. Sports school.

4. Eco-tourism.

5. Hippotherapy for recovery after severe injuries.


Hippotherapy for children with cerebral palsy.

When loading the club on 75% of the monthly income of the club will be R. 630000 per month., minus utility payments.

Implementation of the project.

Implementation occurs in three stages, the first (investment funds 100%), 0 months.- 12 months: — land acquisition; — construction of stables for 15-20 goals; — construction of ADM. of the building; — construction of a warehouse for forage and hay shed; — arrangement of training fields.

The second (investment funds 30%-own sredsva 70%), and 19-30 months: — construction of the indoor arena; — the construction of the infirmary; — arrangement of the medical unit.

The third (equity)36-60 months.: — construction of the second of the stables for 20 horses; — building training "barrels".

Guarantees of return of investments: — pledge of all of the purchased object.

The planned refunding the full amount and 60 months.

The considered interest rate of 15% per annum.ROI investment 48%.

The size of the annuity payment 558000 p.per month.

Additional information

Konno-sports base of a new type.

Specialization in training and preparation sporting pedigree of the horses. Training riders from beginner to tournament level. Organizatsiya detsko-youthful school of horsemanship, the creation and implementation of Hippo-therapy for people with disabilities. Breeding of pedigree horses.

Market analytics

At this point in time in the Moscow region and in Moscow has a high debit this kind of services. In the presence of, according for 2014, 230 stables, the largest of them, such as KSK Bittsa or KSK CSKA — only five, the rest are horse yards or stables for 3-5 horses that do not have qualified coaches-rough riders, and horses for lessons or hippotherapy.

The growth in demand for these services is 15%, therefore, this branch of the services has a right to exist, it will be in demand and guaranteed to make a profit.

The uniqueness of the project

The main competitive advantage of the project is the equestrian club, we believe the traditional (German) approach to the organization of the equestrian economy. A clear plan of work. The recording of all services and terms with clients-athletes. The organization of the structure of the economy, namely planography, design of stables and an arena, composition of soils, veterinary services. The use of administrative resources for the promotion and popularization of the sport.

Monetization sources

The provision of horse riding for children and adults. Profit calculation of 1350 p. for one hour. Norm of work horses 2 hours a day, 5 days per week, 24 days per month. Exercise classes from $ 2000 to 3500 per hour. The rate of work horse for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, 24 days per month.

Sales strategy and marketing

The use of social networks, creation and promotion of a site through Yandex-direct and on their own. The use of the press to convey information to the end user.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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