Private Brewery "Sedov"

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Project description

"Sedov" – is a project of three enthusiasts who don't know what beer and have a direct relation to it, and one of them is a professional brewer.We собираемсяпроизводитьклассическийсветлый pilsneris type, with a characteristic pronounced hop bitterness.Wheat Bohemian types and dark Czech beer, and to do seasonal offers. Hop aroma, good density and resistant foam indicators of the quality of our beer. We have in stock 6 unique recipes of quality beer.

The goal of the project is to give the consumer (through its network of branded stores) quality beer at an affordable price.

Analysis of the state of the beer market held during the preparation of the business plan, helped to identify some opportunities for Breweries "Sedov"in the field of beer production in the Rostov region. The company presented data on the supply of beer to catering companies, located in different districts of Rostov and Rostov region, the organization of work of shops of "Sedov".

Market analytics

Currently, the market beer products is saturated. It is a fact. But the quality of the product no, none. The quality of beer sold is very low. Visiting a large number of places where sell beer (shops, cafes, bars, restaurants) we came to the conclusion that the range of the same everywhere. It is not expensive to purchase beer, the approximate price 50-80R per 1 liter. Proceeding from this we can conclude that the cost of the drink, very low, respectively, high-quality, this product is difficult to call. The malt used for these sorts of low quality and low price.

The malt used in the production of our beer is 3 times more expensive, but the cost of our beer does not exceed 50 p. Being confident in the quality of my beer, I can name only two of the competitive brewery. This brewery "the Old place" and the brewery "Czech", but these Breweries lack of development of market (sale of beer in a private institution, not selling beer in shops and pubs). Allowing us to occupy this niche in the city by opening his own brewery and a chain of retail stores.Target audience our customers: this is men 70% women 30%Men average income, with a salary of 30t.RV a month. Office workers, students, entrepreneurs.Also, we have conducted surveys among consumers. We surveyed 1500 people. Of these, 1375 people have supported our desire to bring our product to market, taking into account that the price for 1 liter, in the company store "Sedov" we have sounded 130 rubles.

Here, we can conclude that today's consumer, GoToMeeting for a quality product. And the over-saturation of the market is not a quality product, not be a serious problem for the development of our project.

Monetization sources

Sales through own stores

Selling our beer in bars and restaurants

Other points

Sales strategy and marketing

Development of marketing program includes: branded bags, labels on bottle, printed materials presentation of character. Signature form to store employees, brewery.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 34947
Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Rostov Oblast, Rostov-on-don

Project price: 13 000 000

Investments volume: 13 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage


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Misin Igor Yurevich

Russia, Rostov Oblast, Rostov-on-don
Food industry