The birth of children and self-improvement

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Your future children are waiting for you

If you dream about children or, indeed, about a large family, then this is for you. Consider mandatory and necessary to tell about the history of our family and the house in which we live and which we consider to be amazing. Because thanks to him our world has changed significantly, and the family was large. While staying with his wife since 2003, our children were only in dreams until events occurred that changed our lives. In 2007 I for further service were sent to the village of Sukhobuzimskoye, Krasnoyarsk region, which is the district center. In connection with the lack of housing and a desire to live in their own house, I drew attention to at the end of the street, Road semi-detached house, located in the municipal property and is since 1995 the unfinished building, which in addition to concrete walls, floors and roof there was nothing. Not legally resident at that time in his apartment No. 2 large family arranged her whenever possible. The surrounding nature impressed us with its splendor. We made the decision about a possible purchase of an apartment № 1 in it. In may 2008, according to the results of the auction, we became the owners of apartment № 1 in the house and the attached land, and the owner of the apartment No. 2, from which the district administration was safely relocated a large family, became my colleague. Oddly enough, but in August 2008 my wife got pregnant. Since 2009 we began to live in that apartment. In may 2009 we had a daughter. In subsequent years, were born a daughter and a son, we are very happy. In 2009, the co-worker transferred to the new duty station and his apartment number 2 sold. Have lived and then in it women were also three children. As many children now and co-worker. In August 2016 the apartment No. 2 has acquired a young family with two young children. It is obvious that a third child they can not escape. Thus, all living or residing in the family home are large. The impression that the house is thanking its residents for the fact that after 13 years of unfinished gave him life. Another highlight of the house is the presence around him of plasmoids first recorded camera a few years ago. From the moment they enter our worldview has significantly changed the attitude to life, opened up some creativity, and a healthy lifestyle became a symbol of the family. Emerging into the consciousness of phrase and images have a profound meaning.

From the bustle of human stepping, know the truth of existence

And can you top becoming the fate of other

But only believe in you, is able to find himself

Able to find your home and happy to be with the family in it.

Immediately I understood the meaning of the above, but what it is, I enrolled. The first sentence is understandable, since the house is on the edge of the village, not there is the fact of living in the village. I have the feeling that you just live among nature. The knowledge of the truth of existence is also understandable, as this process is evident in the fact that is the place to be. Everything else has not found a logical reasoning and explanation. How I can my hand by the top of the fate be different? In 2016, in connection with the termination of the service and our decision to move to a new place of residence, the question arose about selling the house, together with other obtained and analyzed data gave an unexpected answer to a question. Surprised, but by signing a contract for the sale of the house (in this case flat # 1), and thus alienating him from himself, I really am a different fate, namely the fate of the people who buy a house and living in it will change their worldview, way of life, will find itself with a high probability will become a large family. In addition, giving you the opportunity to decide the fate of other persons in this way, the house thus let us, providing an opportunity for new residents to go the same way, experiencing the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, transforming himself and becoming wiser. I am more than confident in the correctness of the above conclusions since they are based on the totality of the actual data that is consistent and logical. Our house (apartment No. 1 in house No. 2G on street Road in the village of Sukhobuzimskoye suhobuzimskoe district of Krasnoyarsk region) for sale on sites avito, battery status, Yandex, where you can see the information about it. The cost of the specified apartment of 6 000 000 rubles for all its uniqueness consider quite adequate, and it deserves special attention. Given that there are couples who dream about children, I think it is not acceptable to gloss over the fact of having a home stay which offers the chance to become a large family. To make sure you set out the arguments there is no surer way than to buy a house and live in it. Or you can buy a house for someone and their example, to draw a conclusion. Abnormal and there is no doubt. Places of power and there is a fact, but the problem is that to understand this place, to know its essence and the sense of power it gives to man, in most cases, not currently possible. So the interest in it fades. I am sure that in the future, as open the possibility of understanding the essence of such places, their energy and its applications they will have a very large value. In my opinion it is for such places will soon open a hunt among the richest people in the world, because they understand their uniqueness. That is hunting, similar to the collecting of wealth. Well, while leisurely dovolstvovaniye paintings, coins, stamps.

The idea of a business project simple. The specified apartment for a fee to stay in her tenants. With them clearly needs to happen is an amazing event that will change their worldview, way of life, and will be accompanied by the conception and birth of children. The apartment is in good condition and ready to accept tenants.

Additional information

The location of the house is an amazing place of power, the search of which are researchers of such phenomena.

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Similar proposals on the market do not exist.

The uniqueness of the project

The combination of all the described circumstances and qualities of the house make it unique.

Sales strategy and marketing

Change of tenants as they reach the last desired result, which may wish to buy the house at a higher cost.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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