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The team proposes to launch the serial production of the counters liquid — crude oil skzh-SN, and the provision of metrological services for the oil and gas companies in Russia and Abroad. Counters liquid – crude oil is designed to measure the amount of mass of fluid at the wellhead, in those conditions where the measurement is subjected to Gazavtomatika a mixture with impurities. In Russia alone, the number of operating wells, more than 200 000 and each must be equipped with a measurement means of extracted oil in the ground, and each mounted on it the meter should undergo periodic calibration and maintenance. Depending on the debit wells prices on skzh-SN range from 250 thousand to 900 thousand rubles. per unit, excluding VAT, with costs from 100 thousand rbl. it is necessary to consider that the operational Fund of wells is constantly growing due to the increase in volumes of drilling, new wells, involvement in the development of new fields. In the presence of Transavia investments in the total amount of 90 million rubles we are ready to bring the average annual income of the project up to 200 million and above. Only periodic calibration and maintenance of Metrology devices, allow to obtain the net profit to 10 million monthly.

Currently, the only! producer meters the amount of liquid used in the wells is NPO "ntes", Bugulma. Being an absolute monopolist, it dictates the terms of all existing oil companies not only in Russia but also Abroad for the past 20 years. And, although the accuracy of measurement by this device, is about 30%, consumers are forced to use it in their work for the execution of the current legislation. This is due to the fact that no other manufacturer could offer a decent alternative, to meet the high requirements of major oil companies – all of them either short-lived as a consequence of the large amount of impurities in the crude oil, or have even greater error of measurement. Our design – radically new solution in this area. Device skzh-SN is characterized by high accuracy of measurement and meets all! the requirements of the legislation:

— The law "On subsoil";

— The law "About ensuring unity of measurements";

— The law "On energy saving";

— Rules of accounting of oil, the Russian Government decree of may 16, 2014. No. 451;

— GOST R 8.637-2013, ICG "national verification scheme for SI mass flow multiphase flows";

— GOST R 8.615-2005, ICG "measuring the amount extracted from the bowels of oil and petroleum gas";

Technical regulations of the customs Union "About requirements to means of measurements of the properties of oil and its by-products".

The uniqueness of the product is confirmed by expertise of the organization, and is currently awaiting official documents of the Eurasian patent for the invention. Tested in VNIIR and is awaiting inclusion in the register of measuring instruments.

Our team is a limited liability company "Tekh SERVIS". We are engaged in the development and production of oil and gas equipment in 2009, accredited in all the major oil companies, are suppliers of LUKOIL, Tatneft, Transneft, etc. At the current speed and capacity, we could produce about 10 meters the amount of liquid in a month without ensuring conditions for testing. Obtaining investments in the amount of 90 million rubles will allow us:

1) to renew the fleet of existing equipment to increase productivity;

2) to accelerate the construction of the third workshop in which to place the standard of the first category for secondary testing of meters the amount of liquid and all the necessary equipment;

3) to start the production standards of the second category on the basis of counters quantities of liquid skzh-SN for testing of meters in operation. Standards of the second category will be used for testing of meters on their own and for mass production due to high consumer demand from the oil and gas companies. The cost of such a model is about 2 million rubles, the sales price of 5-6 million rubles, market price of the equivalent of 12 million.

The payback period is 3 years. IRR = 40%. NPV = 35 million.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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