Agency for traffic arbitration in a foreign CPA networks.

Project description

Project: establishment of an Agency for arbitration in foreign traffic to the CPA networks.

The essence of the project.

The essence of the arbitrage traffic is quite simple: we buy traffic in different networks (or negotiate with site owners directly) sent this traffic to an offer (the offer) via our tracker. To offer the user a can show on the landing page, to whet his interest. The user on the screen of a desktop computer, a tablet, a mobile device sees our advertising. As soon as he clicks on it and generates the desired action (e.g. registers on the website), we earn.

Payment is an affiliate CPA network in the framework of the agreement between the advertiser (owner of goods), the SRA network and the Agency for arbitration traffic.

Especially interesting for mobile arbitrage. Despite the rapid progress of the mobile market in recent years, he is still quite young, and is expected to go forward by leaps and bounds.

Why borgnet preferable Runet?

First, it is a coverage of almost the whole world. Europe, Northern and southern America, Asia, Africa, Australia. On the one hand, we have fairly strict rules in the US, Australia and some European countries in relation to the offers, content, type of subscription. On the other, large enough permission on the part of third world countries. Offers in turn also change from country to country. In some dominated by soft, music, sweepstakes, in others the emphasis is on games and offers from local campaigns.

Second, burzhnete in addition to the usual physical goods, to which we are accustomed in the Internet, offers a very wide range of proposals, where it is not necessary to buy anything. At least in the beginning. There is a struggle to attract the user's attention. "Enter your e-mail" and install the free game, antivirusnik, scanner, etc., "please Enter your phone", and you will receive a code to access the content. "Register", and you can enjoy hundreds of candidates for Dating. For these proposals the focus of our interest in the first place. Pina, installs (installing games, utilities, etc.).Adult(adult Dating)- mobile arbitration this category is also very active. Many offers, many approaches and it is not a bad speed.

And, third, in burzhnete fairly stable and predictable market situation.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project price: 700 000

Investments volume: 450 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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