Project description

The investor is required to your web project.

The project was a startup that showed great interest among Internet users.

2 months registered more than 13,000 users.

Visit the website for 14 days reached 5-15 000 unique visits.

The average duration of the user on the website amounted to more than 15-30 minutes.

The turnover of the site for 2 months was more than 800 000 rubles.

The potential volume of sales amounted to more than 60 000 000. The data generated on the basis of scoring points for perfect placement of paid advertising. The scores in this case were charged in parallel cash remuneration was equivalent to the cash rewards.

The idea of the site

The site is a platform for viewing advertising banners combined with an online store. The user is viewing advertising banners and receives a cash reward that can be spent on the purchase of goods and services.

The greatest interest to users was the ability to recharge their mobile phone.

To attract attention in the centre of the site to spin a coin, which you must click to change banners and the accrual of cash rewards.

How it works

The website is intuitive, easy to use, does not require any explanation how to use it.

After registration the user gets access to the personal Cabinet, which allows the user to view advertising banners on the main page, to for cash and point rewards and to participate in the affiliate referral program.

To attract attention in the centre of the site to spin a coin, which you must click to change banners and the accrual of cash rewards.

The test period showed that this action is very attractive to users.

The user clicks on the coin in the centre of the site, which changes after scrolling banners on the page. After some time, the user must click again on the coin, etc.

Advertising banners

Banner ads have the following classification: the district, city, country, the whole world.

The website has a geolocation system for determining the user's location and display product advertising to users located in the near from the distance.

Why is it interesting to users?

The average user can earn personally to 40-50 rubles, and for the affiliate program 150-500 RUB some of the money (e.g. 50 rubles) is displayed automatically on the balance of the phone. User base, which receives money from viewing your personal account is also a great customer base for online store.


What investment is required:

· Optimization of the software part.

· Development of software modules.

· Website design.

· Company to promote the site.

· Establishment of administrative service support group website.

· Purchase of equipment.

· Development of the affiliate program.

Stages of development ( more accurate will provide personal communication)

· Development and implementation of all functions will require up to 3 months

· Formation of support group website: 1-2 months

· Advertising campaign, seo and smm promotion: 2-3 months

· Creation and training of a group of advertising agents: 2-3 months

· The opening of regional offices: 3-6 months

The amount of investment

The amount of investment from 700,000 roubles to 1,500,000 roubles.

Depends on the scale and stages of development of Internet services.

The income of the investor in the month after the launch of the life is 500,000 to 5,000,000 rubles per month.

The income is derived from:

· Placing banner ads.

· Sales of goods and services.

Customers of the site

Large corporate brands

Small and medium business


Company website

Additional information

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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International project

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