The creation of a sports and entertainment complex "Centrum"

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Project description

I Furmanov Michael A. – live in the city of Krasnodar, Director General "Water sports complex "Dolphin" (one of three companies created complex "Centrum", the initiator of the Project of which I am).

I appeal to You with predlojeniem funding. Given the stability of vozrastayuschey voenproekta and its social importance, we hope that You will find vozmozhnymi allocation of funds (to assist in targeted allocation of funds)for implementation.

In the application there are documents showing the level of my work, that is, a business plan was developed on the basis of reliable information, in particular, see File No. 4 (Register of information provided by me in the company "Business Expert Broker" for the preparation of a business plan).

In my opinion, due to my lack of collateral base and a construction permit investors and creditors reject my project without careful consideration. In this letter, here is a way out of this situation: on collateral basis – see page 2 File No. 1 (Appeal from Furmanov Mikhail Anatolyevich about financial assistance when you create an object of a social infrastructure); on receipt of building permits – see page 2 File No. 3 (Presentation), p. 1 File No. 6 (newsletter).

There are plans and specifications of utilities, plans for vehicular and pedestrian roads of the area (the selected area, as well as sites located near it).

When You attract financing (investments or loans) will give You not less than 7, 0% owned by me share.

Perhaps the funding will provide another legal or natural person, including inostranceviinae funds or companies that are known to You.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 35377
Created on: 22.12.2016

Russia, Adygeya Republic, Yablonovsky

Project price: 823 443 000

Investments volume: 823 443 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Furmanov Mikhail Anatolevich

Russia, Adygeya Republic, Yablonovsky
Food services, Recreation, Sport, Construction, Services