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Conclusion and promotion of products of its own brand on Amazon. The popularity of Amazon is growing from year to year. At the moment, about 60-70% of Americans are buying products on Amazon at least 1 time per month. Annual turnover in 2015 exceeded 100 billion USD.The market is very promising and stable.

Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell on your site and he takes care of the storage and transportation of your goods, for a fee of course. We display the products of their own brand on Amazon.

Brief work plan:

  • 1. Search and analyze the niche. Looking for promising niches. Those niches where a good sale is not overflowed by sellers, where we will be able to make the offer for the buyer, and of course where there is a good margin.
  • 2. A search of the manufacturer and ordering products. Looking for manufacturer, usually in China, but other countries. Negotiate with supplier for price, quality, packaging, and other aspects. Compare the quality of several producers. Order placed. We do customization of product, put your label on the products. preparedness be sure the inspector checks the goods.
  • 3. Delivery to the warehouses of Amazon.
  • 4. Promotion and promotion of goods. Carry out a range of measures aimed at the promotion of the product. Collect feedback from buyers, custom publicity. Chips and ways to promote enough, I will disclose them directly to the investor.
  • 5. Registration of the trademark. If we feel the potential in this product then be sure to register.
  • 6. The connection with external channels of promotion and development of own online store. Do promotion in instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, plug-bloggers.For each product or group of products, is hired as a Manager which will deal with the operational management, will lead the goods.

Also the team will need a marketer, copywriter, photographer, designer, promotion specialist and specialist client support. Now these positions work on outsourcing or part-time, but when the revs increase will be recruited in the staff of the company on a permanent basis.At the moment there are sale of the 1st product. 2 and 3, the product being run.The cost of the run 1 product at least $ 5,000, but on average it is necessary to focus on 10-15 thousand USD.Benchmark if the cost of purchase of products is about USD 5 per piece. the sales value is about 20 USD.

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Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan. Market each niche individually studied.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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