The construction of a 6 storey residential building

Project description

Commercial proposal of investing in construction

6-storey apartment buildings

located at:

Rostov-on-don, street School, 17 -19 (proletarian district)

1. We offer You participation in the project:

"Construction of 6-storey multi-apartment houses at:

Rostov-on-don, street School, 17A, 19" at the design stage.

The plot is situated in the historic old part of the city of Rostov-on-don (Nakhichevan). The existing buildings of the area comprising low-rise residential buildings, thereby due to the construction of multi-storey residential houses within 6 floors (based on the mentality of the population of the area). Land area 4800 sq. m expects to place several multi-storey residential buildings, according to preliminary design data building area will amount to about 8300 sq. m. the Market value of the land is 55 000 000 (fifty five million) rubles.

Start of construction summer 2017 — delivery of houses in operation is expected in the IV quarter of 2018.

The undeniable advantages of the Residential complex are :

1. Located in a quiet and ecologically clean area of the city;

2. The proximity to the Business center of the city;

3. Good transport accessibility;

4. Developed social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens .

5. The presence within walking distance of the Park, stadium, shops, social and cultural institutions;

6. Wall material — brick, overlappings — reinforced concrete, which ensures good sound and thermal insulation and aesthetic appearance of the house;

7. Closed guarded territory of the complex;

8. Individual heating in each apartment .

2. Market analysis:

The Sholokhov district/Old bus station/Gorsovetskaja/Aleksandrovka currently represented by the following residential complexes (complexes of storeys — 10):

LCD "Cascade", "Alexander", "Manhattan", "New town".

A comparative table.

The average price of one square meter in the "skyscrapers", located near the planned LCD 50 000-55 000 .

These advantages give reason to believe that the cost of 1 square meter can be recorded at the level of 50,000 rubles. in addition, the area of apartments will be small, which will provide low cost apartment. Under these conditions, the purchase of apartments in this residential complex with the use of mortgage instruments will be commensurate with the rental payments for similar properties.

4. Information about the object:

When designing a residential building, one of the main requirements of the project will be the creation of small areas of apartments.

Estimated average size of future apartments:

Studio — 30-35 sq. m.;

two — 50-55 sq. m ;

three — room- 57-65 sq. m .

5. The calculation of profitability of the project

Approximate estimated construction cost is 30 000 rubles per 1 sq. m.

The total cost of construction will total249 000 000 (two hundred forty-nine million) rubles.

The estimated average sale price per square meter — 50 000 rubles.

Proceeds from the project will amount to415 000 000 (four hundred fifteen million) rubles.

The profitability of the project — 40%.

The project implementation period of 18 months.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 35527
Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Rostov Oblast, Rostov-on-don

Project price: 249 000 000

Investments volume: 130 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Popovyan Minas Gabrielovich

Russia, Rostov Oblast, Rostov-on-don