The development of the territory through the construction of the country club, the equestrian club and residential community.

Project description

Development project of the club building was opened in 2011 to private investors. Currently, this project is actively working in two directions:

Residential complex (KP) received a construction permit

Equestrian center (CSC) — under construction 70%

The hotel complex put into operation

The property is situated in the South of Moscow region, near the city of Serpukhov, D. Vasilevsky, 70 km from Moscow ring road (12km from the border of Moscow) the location of the object is attached to the unloaded routes of the Moscow region, which ensures its good transport accessibility.

The development project of residential and equestrian areas of the building covers an area of 48, 3 hectares of land in private ownership.

Feature of the project is the integration of residential and recreation zones.

The living area is 38, 5 hectares presented cottage village (KP) on 218 homes, legally United into a Suburban non-profit partnership.

Equestrian zone 9, 8 hectares formed on the basis of the Equestrian club, the CSC is legally represented, OOO.

The main concept of this development project is to bring together in one place near Moscow residential, entertainment and sports infrastructure. The location of the residential low-rise buildings with developed infrastructure and full technical support will allow you to obtain a high commercial component of the project in every part of it. Also each part will contribute to the development of the other (the presence of a restaurant, Playground, sports town will increase the cost of the land, and the villagers will become permanent users of services KSK). Therefore, the project does not end with the construction phase, but subsequently becomes a full-fledged business based on the provision of club services.

Engineering the network in this project are implemented through the Nonprofit partnership, which includes:

— water two wells глубиной140м;

electric power supply main and backup 1270кВт 100kW;

Central Sewerage is 3 km from the property planned to build a new treatment plant with a capacity of 500 cubic metres per day.

— heating – along the site is the construction of the gas pipeline of average pressure;

— low current system of two providers of connection and security system


Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 35735
Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Serpukhov

Project price: 766 720 157

Investments volume: 320 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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Rogozhkin Aleksandr Viktorovich

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Serpukhov
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