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The essence: an Aggregator and marketplace of building products with delivery to the place of construction. Stage of the startup development. The anticipated full-fledged launch may 2017.The main advantage of a startup before competitors — traditional suppliers of building materials:

  • Own media construction subjects, therefore quickly and easily get the client and the client stands us in two-three times cheaper than competitors.
  • Due to the developments receive the highest possible discounts from the manufacturers of building materials and can sell at wholesale prices plant.

Gradually, from the aggregator will turn into a marketplace, when the producers of goods and services will be able through your personal account, add their products / services and sell them through our site.

Potential samostroy private house can get in one place everything you need, from design houses, to full sets of construction materials for its project delivery to the construction site, the price of materials and services will be below the market, and at the same time, the service will operate with the same margins as traditional suppliers, without resorting to dumping which leads to loss of margin and the decrease in profit of the shareholders.


  • Local construction markets.
  • Base of brick and building materials.

In reality and in fact the competitors are very weak. PS Stores like Leroy Merlin competitors are not, is a different product niche.

Why a startup will be a success?

  1. Prices below the market price (and percent 15 — 20 below local building bases) — attractive for the customer while maintaining the necessary margins for profit of shareholders.
  2. The target audience already knows us — reduces the cost of sale, advertising costs are low or zero.
  3. Save time of the client, save the client's money, help the client not to make mistakes at the most important that a person creates for themselves and their families.
  4. Tested business model, in less than two weeks — March 2017 gave your partner through our channels to receive revenue of more than 60 million rubles.
  5. For profit start-up turnover required 50 -100 million rubles per month. To reach the specified amount, we will be able in two or three months since the start. Income startup 15% (15 million rubles each with sales of 100 million per month), the cost of just below 5 million a month., the shareholders ' income subject to tax $ 10 million a month. Market capacity in Russia according to Rosstat, more than one trillion rubles, there is room to grow.


  • It starts with a very competitive market, with Moscow and go to the regions.

Here we show the client's pain for which the customer is willing to use our services. This is one of our videos about the problems of private building:

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Additional information

Building your own media in the format of a forum and video channel. The daily audience of 20 thousand people a day.

Market analytics

Market size DIY Hard in the private sector — more than 1 trillion rubles per year.

The uniqueness of the project

All in one place, from the purchase of land for a house before building the house. Save time and money for the client.

Monetization sources

The monetization of traditional, on sales of goods and services. Work on margin — the difference between buying and selling.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.07.2018

Russia, Moscow City, Moscow

Project price: 10 000 000

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Stage: Project is at development stage


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