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The development team is looking for investments as equity. International resource — a mobile app on IOS and Android search and job placement for creative professionals around the world.

Goal: education liaison between the employer and the contractor creative specialization.

The essence of the problem at the moment:

1 — like sites, where all users trying to find a job among the mountains of ads, there is no ordering. All the ads in one place. It's as if you were looking for a pianist among electricians and pilots.

2 - For the above specified reason, such services are "dump". Users with a small probability there will place your profile. Employers are turning to such services in an extremely desperate situation. And the problem is solved in extremely rare cases.

3 - it is Not possible to find the listing that fits the specific nature of creative specialization. Here are three options. Or review and monitor the hundreds of ads, or get a mass mailing to the post office (which, in principle, one and the same), or monitor groups in social networks devoted to a specific profession (specialization), which makes it even harder.

There are currently about 10,000 groups in social networks around the world where employers are looking for artists in a creative environment. There are several dozen sites in each country, but the problem remained unresolved.

We solved these problems!

And put the whole service in the mobile application! The employer may sitting in a cafe, create an ad and get instant response. Exactly how and by receiving notifications directly on the phone about the presence of ads specifically for its specificity, can see all the details of the ad(price, date, other conditions), and submit the questionnaire for consideration in a single click.

Fine tune any of the projects the user wants to receive notifications.

From creating ads to users reading it now goes from 4 to 20 hours.

We have reduced this time to seconds!

Existing resources only 3-5% of users that are suitable for the specifics, find ads.

In our service, using mobile technologies for push notifications, this figure reaches 100%.

We accurately understand the problem of the employer and applicant in this field, as our team consists of such people.

At the moment we are at the stage of alpha testing. There is a functioning prototype.

Monetization sources

Monetization — you purchase a subscription to service. Buy through mobile services Google Play Market and Appstore (itunes) in two clicks.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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International project

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International project
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