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The main factor limiting the development of such, not large innovative companies, like ours, is the difficulty of obtaining financial resources ( investments from banks or loans under collateral, which is in fact a young company yet).

The market for our products does not runs out! But, due to low brand recognition, large-scale to bring our products to market, not yet obtained.

For further development of the company and to work more effectively for brand awareness, we need additional financial aid.

Ready to provide You with a detailed business plan for the project.

Investment requirement for the project is 15 000 000 rubles. The payback period of investment – 15 months. Net present value for the 120 months will be 244 486 911 roubles. Internal rate of return — 45, 45%. The profitability of the project is over 80%.

We offer You a share in a profitable business project in exchange for Your investment in our company.

NEXT is a young, rapidly growing, innovative company. Founded in January 2016, in the seaside city of Vladivostok.

We produce a line of high-tech additives in fuels and industrial oils, auto-motorcycles, cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, ships, aircraft, and industrial equipment.

Our company is the only company in the far East, which successfully promotes independent scientific and technical direction of in-place Technical Service.

STRASBERRY TECHNICAL SERVICES is a complex technical maintenance and repair of units and mechanisms of all types of equipment, without carrying out disassembly and Assembly operations, continuous process operation, with the use of chemicals.

The market for our products: a) Passenger and freight cars (private cars); b) Commercial auto-transportation (motor carriers, driving schools, taxis, etc.); C) Transportation (large trucks); d) the Market for construction machinery (bulldozers, excavators, tractors, etc.); d) the Market of agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters etc.); e) Shipping equipment (boats, yachts, large ship repair, etc.); g) Aircraft (light aircraft, etc.); h) Industry ( machines, generators, compressors and other industrial equipment); and) the Hydraulic equipment and systems; K) Products for auto business (B2B for service stations, service stations, etc;)

Competitive project "SUPROTEC" in the market for more than 15 years, its products are in great demand, but as all, without exception, similar projects (HADO, RESURS, etc.), the production and sales of their products, they do not pay proper attention to the warranties on their products.
Companies that produce such products, not assume any warranty and liability to consumers for the quality, effectiveness and safety of their products.

In our company, the warranty, and the buyer is given the maximum attention.
We give our customers and clients a real guarantee for safety, effectiveness and quality of our products. This circumstance distinguishes our products from the products without exception all competitors. This is one of the strengths of our project. Go to our website and see for yourself!

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project price: 15 000 000

Investments volume: 15 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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