Project organization

Project description

Looking for a partner for the condominium project organization investing in the development of 30 million rubles.
Multiple accelerating the pace of development of the organization.
The organization
Development of project documentation for civil and industrial construction.
Provide services
— Design of new construction and reconstruction of buildings;
— The passage of state and non-state expertise;
— Supervision of construction: obtaining permits, construction permits, commissioning into operation, architectural and technical supervision.
Current status
— Duration of life — 4 years;
— Monthly receipt of funds from the ongoing work of ~ 2-3 million rubles;
Turnover for all the time — RUB 50 million Turnover last year — 30 million rubles;
— Staff — 15 people in the office, 7 people in removal; healthy, young team;
— Built and developed an effective management system of business processes;
— Comfortable office in the center of the city. Excellent technical equipment;
— The presence of regular customers, including large organizations of the city and region;
— Active attraction of new customers. Customized marketing and sales Department.
The history of the organization
Started freelancing in March 2014 Attracted more remote designers. Two months left to self-sufficiency. In early 2015, registered legal.face. In 2016, rented the first office and began to translate and recruit employees.
The alleged investment scheme
Partner invests the amount of the turnover of the organization, in exchange for co-ownership of the company. Monitors, coordinates key decisions and plan for the development of the company.
The purpose of the invested funds
The money will be spent within the 1-2 years:
— Active expansion of the state;
— Purchase of equipment;
— The extension of advertising campaigns;
— Launch of new directions;
— Getting started in other regions;
— Getting started with the state contract.
Partner gets
— Return attachments in the form of dividends within a period not exceeding three years;
— Co-ownership of the company which amount is not less than 300 million over five years.
Principles of cooperation with partner
The transparent conclusion of the investment contract;
— Relentless adherence to the organization's business plan;
— Transparent reporting to the partner;
The work of the only “white”;
— Agree on the presence of an observer from a partner in the office;
— Full access of the partner in all system of the organization;
My full moral and legal responsibility to the partner.
Organization management
I will continue the leadership of the organization to form a complete, self-developing structure. Then I can move away from operational management to develop new projects.
About me
I am 31 years old. Born and raised in St. Petersburg. Married. Two children. My way of life is subordinated to the management of the organization — proper nutrition, healthy sleep and moderate sports. Disciplined and have high performance.The last four years I dedicate all the time to the development of the organization, demonstrating growth in the crisis and continued economic recession.
On the scope of design services
After the collapse of the USSR the profession of engineer has been losing its prestige in favor of the Humanities. There was significant failure in the training of engineers. Today the labor market of designers is experiencing a sharp shortage of specialists, which ensures a constant growth of demand for design services. The formation of an effective project organization will allow you to take a confident place in the construction industry.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 36755
Created on: 26.07.2018

Russia, Saint Petersburg City, Saint Petersburg

Project price: 60 000 000

Investments volume: 30 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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Repin Aleksandr Sergeevich

Russia, Saint Petersburg City, Saint Petersburg
Designing, Construction, Architecture