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Project description

"Taxi Cruise" — the largest service company in Moscow, working with large providers orders Uber, Gettaxi and Yandex Taxi. At the moment, with the service constantly employs more than 1 500 active (travelling) drivers Each performs, on average, about 100 trips (orders) per month.

For 2017 has created software that allowed:

▪ Efficiently calculate, track, and prevent fraudulent transactions

▪ On a daily basis to calculate and make payments to the drivers.

With these components, which are still no one of the competitors, for the 2017-2018 year, the company became the largest partner of Yandex. Taxi and Gettaxi on connecting drivers.

The company continues to grow rapidly: more than 25 drivers are joining the service daily, and the total sales in April exceeded 15 million rubles a month.

1.2. Problem drivers, that can solve the service and scheme of work

"Taxi Cruise" is irrelevant to orders — does not accept, does not set fees and does not distribute. The function performed in the service: adding new drivers to systems, workflow, support, range of services for drivers, etc.

Now, when working with the largest providers of drivers face a number of challenges and constraints:

▪ The need for registration of legal persons to connect;

▪ Time-consuming and often lengthy process of clearance/registration in the provider system;

* Delayed receipt of payments for visits (often weekly);

▪ The need to issue the taxi license;

▪ Lack of technical and service support.

The scheme of work of the service "Taxi Cruise" in the connection Aggregators:

• The driver wants to connect to the system, retrieve taxi. For this he appeals to the largest authorized partners "Taxi Cruise".

• "Taxi Cruise" briefing, sign a driver contract and provides access

• The driver comes on line, activates the app and starts

• Clients pay for the trip at the expense of Yandex. Taxi, Gett

• Aggregators list t payment for fulfilled orders partner (minus service fee)

• Partners, ie Taxi Cruise keeps the Commission and makes payments to the driver

Why drivers choose "Taxi Cruise":

• Daily payments non-cash payments to drivers, Uber and Gettaxi, Yandex calculations with the drivers occur every 7 days, the rest of the time drivers travel at their own expense

• Connection to the day service provides an opportunity for the driver to get off the line 30 minutes after the office visit

• Low rates for drivers

• A large number of orders from major aggregators

• Round the clock technical support by phone and in the office

• Assistance in obtaining taxi licenses

1.3. Competitive advantages

In addition to drivers, the service "Taxi Cruise", a useful and other market players. So, taxi companies (in fact, the site rental cars), not capable of:

▪ efficiently work with aggregators;

▪ tracking cheaters among drivers (at that time, as the company has algorithms to do this);

▪ the money to pay drivers without taxes.

As a consequence, the largest taxi companies in Moscow for work through our Company.

Aggregators, in turn, first, can not provide fast money paid to drivers, and, second, for them "Taxi Cruise" is an additional channel of attraction for both drivers and taxi companies.

As the largest service company in the market, "Taxi Cruise" has a number of advantages before competitors:

• Calculation with drivers going every day and without additional fees;

• Protective tools, 99% of reducing cases of fraud by drivers — software has a special tool of control over sold, allowing to identify "rodovia" operations in the system;

• Perfect software — a few software systems: for settlements and payments to drivers and CRM-system of customer relationship management (drivers) that allows you to develop, at scale, quickly connect new city. To create a nested 5 million and 6 months of work

• - Established legal scheme of work — ready banking products, allowing you to legally carry out financial transactions with individuals and legal entities at a serious speed;

1.4. Monetization model

Commission fee with each performed by the driver of the order:

• 5% on the aggregator Uber

• 6, 3% aggregator Gett

• 3% on the aggregator Yandex.Taxi

Additional information

Market analytics

Our business is expanding into the regional market, in particular in Rostov-on - don, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Samara, Sochi and other Cities

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of our business is that the daily payouts are attracting the largest number of drivers to us, which helps to obtain more orders and thereby get the maximum profit at minimum cost.

Monetization sources

gross profit amounts to 1 200 000 monthly increase. Connection drivers is carried out through the distribution of leaflets at Airports, through advertising in Yandex.Taxi and Gettaxi, as well as the drivers who work with us, give us new drivers.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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