Manufacturing receipt paper for thermal printing devices.

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business plan production of receipt tape on WPRB-04

(the source data for the business plan, as an example for calculations)1, 1 KW 220 V output shaft of the gear motor 100 rpm at 60 m/min (at a frequency of 70 Hz inverter max. speed 100 m/min).The average winding speed of 85 m /min acceleration 5 - 10 and the inhibition of 5-10 s. the Average time of winding when the tape length 25 m, 25 to 35 with .The nominal cycle time (dressing, wound, bleed, sizing, eat) 60-70 C. i.e. a shift of the nominal number of cycles 400-650. (depends on the experience and abilities of the operator)rated footage of 10000-12000 m, 460-540 kg (the role) .When size 44 mm 25 m will be made 7600 - 9000 pieces.In size 57 mm 25 m 5600-6800 pieces.It is necessary to calculate with a cutting edge format 84 — 13 PCs 57mm + 2pcs 44 mm. Weight: 25m 44mm excluding the weight of the sleeve 60 grams, 57mm 25m – 78g.Waste edge: at 44mm - 0, 5%, 57mm - 1, 3%.Electricity consumption: the machine – 220V - 0, 4 KW hour.Lighting– 8*0, 04= 0, 32 KW hour.Termotunel - 0, 3-0, 5 KW hour.Total per shift with one machine 1, 1 KW hour* 8= 8, 8 KW cassarate: Thermal paper 1kg - 1.55-2, 1 euros for 1 kg (SPECIFY!)Consider the cost of one roller of receipt tape: width (m)* length (m)* paper weight (kg/sqm)* cost of 1 Kg of paper in roubles=......namely, consider 44*30*12, i.e., the sleeve 12 mm, width 44 mm, bushing 12 mm (inner diameter) winding is 30 meters (and in fact, 18-24).You took the paper with a density of 55 grams per square meter (now doing a paper and 48 g/sq. m.). Ie a square meter weighs 55 grams.Believe: width (translate in metres) 0, 044 m * length of the strip ( fantastic) 30 meters*density ( converting to Kg per square meter) (0, 055 Kg/sq. m.)= get the weight roller of a certain length in Kg.Or also 80х80х18 0.08х80м (if so) x 0. 055 x price in Euro x Euro. If you take the value of 1, 95 and the rate of 39 to 60 it turns out 27-18 R. add to this a 10% on everything else and get the cost.Now (actually measure the length of the tape), multiply the weight of the roller on the price of paper in Kg supplier, consider your transport costs, consider the salary of employees in the performance of the estimated all other expenses....If you took a sample in the store that manufacturer, measure the length of the tape!!! So it will be correct.Waste, Sleeve, Film, Tape, Label on the box, the Box, the Sealing of the end of the tape or laletraene, depreciation of equipment, facilities, S/Board, Kalogiratou:Operators: 2 people on 1 machine in connection with the monotony of the work swap (1 machine - operator, second – preparation, demolition, forming, packaging ). If the 2 machines it is possible to use three specialists.Room 40-50 square meters under 1 machine, 50 to 55 sq m for 2 machines with regard to the location of the equipment, packaging and warehouse areas.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 26.07.2018

Russia, Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk

Project price: 3 000 000

Investments volume: 2 500 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Statsenko Aleksandr Anatolevich

Russia, Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk