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Project description

A network of specialized retail shops selling chilled meat dairy, cheese products, chilled semi-finished products of own production of vegetables and fruits.Organization of production of chilled and frozen food. The project is implemented in conjunction with a network of cafes and restaurants fast-food.

Additional information

The organization retail network combined with the network of public catering consists of several stages:

  1. The opening of shops and cafes in the cities of Moscow region and Moscow.
  2. Further promotion of the project in the Central Federal district of Russia.
  3. Implementation direction a private franchise on the territory of the Central Federal district.
  4. The coverage project of the neighbouring Federal districts with full access to the Federal level.

Market analytics

Currently, the niche meat chilled gastronomy is practically free. In online stores the assortment is very limited. Detailed in the business plan.

The uniqueness of the project

With a wide range of processed meat products covering all the needs of customers in this category. It is assumed the establishment of a network of retail stores with a focus on the chilled meat products and chilled meat products. There are two store formats: Format 1 — commercial area of 50-70 square meters, up to 100m range SKU; Format 2 — shopping area 100 — 200 sq. m., range of up to 1000 SKUs. The store Format 2 provides for the presence of its own production, or it is placed separately. Format 2 also provides for the presence of cafe-restaurant fast-food in adjoining or adjacent room.

Monetization sources

In order to promote the market and attract customers is provided:

  1. Development of corporate identity and design the interior space of retail outlets.
  2. The presence of deep and broad range ohlazhdeniya products, completely covering the needs of buyers in this segment. The presence of a range of ready meals.
  3. Attractive retail prices for goods, a special display of goods in shop Windows.
  4. Aggressive auction policy.
  5. Presence the range of products of its own brand.
  6. Certification of own production under standard HASSP.
  7. Reduction of losses by combining its own production with Ob'ektom catering.

Sales strategy and marketing

The main sales channel of retail sales of the product.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 26.07.2018

International project

Project price: 50 000 000

Investments volume: 15 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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Korotkov Valeriy Yurevich

International project
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