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NWA Fund (Neo Wealth Advisors) is a high — tech service that makes the process of investing in the cryptocurrency market reliable and understandable.

NWA Fund started its operation in 2015 as a Familyoffice (Management of personal investments and means of family and friends).

In the spring of 2017 NWA Fund has declared itself as about the management company, attracting the capital of third parties and has started the process of formation of the company. NWA Fund is registered as an investment Fund in the Netherlands. Data on the registration of the NWA Fund on the website of the Dutch chamber of Commerce (Netherlands chamber of Commerce). Open a Bank account at ING Bank.

The cryptocurrency market continues to show high dynamism and variability, in accordance with this change, and our current management strategy. Our main priority choice trading strategies is the security of the funds under management. The capital reserve Fund is 10%.

Key strategies:

  1. Asset management – strategy Fund of NWA, in which the client sends to the management of the company their scriptactive. The Fund carries out transactions in the client's interests, for which he receives remuneration as part of earned income. The strategy is twofold and involves the active management and rebalancing of assets. NWA Fund specialists use the most liquid financial market instruments, adapting trading strategies in the framework of trust management for a specific situation on the market of cryptocurrencies. a) index long – term, conservative strategy whose main idea is to form a portfolio of the most liquid assets on the market. b) Cross-transaction of transactions in which one company acts as both a seller and buyer of the same asset at the same price (speculation). in) Arbitrage strategy spread trading strategy that uses the imbalance in the pricing of the asset on different exchanges.


  • target annual return of 250%
  • — minimum amount 1000.e.
  • — minimum 1 month

Advantages: the Investor there is no need to monitor potential risks and to allocate funds between asset classes.

Risks: Medium risk and moderate profitability due to the lack of leverage

Investment conditions:

  • — ability to withdraw all funds after 30 days
  • — withdrawal of capital from 3 working days

— the withdrawal can be made every Friday

— agreement do available in the LC client

  • — daily capitalization
  • At 13:30 every day fixing income

The distribution of percentage of profit:

1000-4999$ 40/60

5000-9999$ 45/55

10000-49999$ 50/50

50000-99999$ 55/45

100000-249999$ 60/40

250000-499999$ 65/35

500000-1000000$ 70/30

2) Bitcon Deposit — long-term low-risk strategy that involves stable moderate increase scriptactive. The Fund uses algorithmic trading bots that carry out transactions in SHORT positions, and make deals to profit from lower prices on the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Strategy enables customers to not only safely store your bitcoin-assets, but also to increase the capital, receiving a fixed percentage of profit.


  1. Minimum amount is 0.5 BTC
  2. Fixed annual return of 10%
  3. Minimum 2 months

Advantages: no investment risk from the point of view of management. Strategy is fixed income.

Risks: low-risk strategy. There is only credit risk trading platforms and market risk Bitcoin.

3) the ICO's strategy the experts Fund of NWA collecting attractive ICO projects in the investment pool. Our analysts conduct fundamental analysis of projects, in particular, the current capitalization and prospects of the value of the token in the future, and analyze the potential of the technology or platform behind the project. NWA Fund collects the required amount in the pool, and the investor declare the projected yield. At the conclusion of three months, the investor receives the full amount invested and rate of return, as well as a detailed report on the perfect part of the strategy operations.


  1. Minimum amount is 5000.e.
  2. The planned yield for 3 months from 80%
  3. Minimum term 3 months

Advantages: performance can be up to several thousand percent.

Risks: the complexity of reliability evaluation of the counterparty. Risks commensurate with high growth potential investments.

The terms of the ICO strategy:

  1. the amount of filling the pool 5 000 000$
  2. period zapalenie investment pool 7 days
  3. the distribution of returns between the Fund and the investor 50/50

Our advantages:

  1. Diversifikatsija — a wide range of strategies used
  2. Security — cyber security experts and cryptography, leading technology for storage of assets;
  3. Convenience — technical support, personal Cabinet

Additional information

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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