The knee module for actoprotective

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for actoprotective patients with amputation in the thigh (module).

1. Activity: import substitution – actoprotective, social security disability technical rehabilitation equipment

(TSR). The payment of these products in full volume produces (mostly) the Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation.

2. The private co-investor no. The patent application is not filed. Residents of SKOLKOVO are not. With foreign organizations in the areas of development do not cooperate.

3. Sources of financing for development: participation as co-perpetrator, for four years in the project of Ministry of industry "3.1. Aktmodell" 2011 to 2015. (there are lots of ACC. direct links. A sum of 500 million rubles). The total amount of funds generated by our organization is twenty-eight million rubles. Explanation – we were the initiator of this project (made up TK studies, etc.) and at the moment only we have a real result of work – module (see item 3).

4. Available volume (level)of development at the moment: the current layout of the module comprising a bearing frame, hydropneumatische, electronic control Board, software, and automation. All components of the module developed by the technical documentation. Conducted performance testing on patients (video).

5. Justification for the development (see TK "3.1. Aktmodell").

Purchase (replacement) of the implants from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation takes place every three years at an average cost of the prosthesis for one patient is about 1, 5 million rubles. Need a year, but not less than 4 thousand modules (prostheses). Domestic analogues do not exist100 % import modules from Germany, America, England, France, and China. The number of patients increases each year.

The acute need of the industry and trade Ministry, health Ministry and social insurance Fund in this development!

Estimated selling price of the developed module — more than two times lower than foreign analogues (including profits and royalties of the manufacturer) with equal technical characteristics.

At the moment, the cost of the layout of the module made in a single copy (with electronics and automation) amounted to 150 thousand rubles at the cost of the foreign counterpart is 1 700 thousand rubles.

6. Possible sources of funding for mass production– decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 1048 from 01.10.15 (up to 200 million rubles for 3 years); the resolution of the MoE № 218 from 09.04.2010 acceptable for basic enterprises-manufacturers (factories). Maybe 50% co-financing (where private investors) venture capital Fund biomedical areas – there is a preliminary agreement.

7.The necessary funding to finish the module, carrying out resource, clinical trials and certification – no more than 15-20 million per year (mainly on wages, production layouts, test benches and prototypes of the module), the term of finishing – no more than three years subject to state registration. Developed a work Plan (in months).

8. Monitoring of results and progress. Throughout the period of development, the module will continuously be tested on patients-test with monitoring of all systems online (telemetry via the Internet). All expenditures from the R/s is completely transparent — screening the key will be devoted to the co-investors.

9.The scheduled annual production and operations management. In the first year — 200-250 pieces (no more than 10% of the market, 2 of the collector) with increasing volumes. In factories or manufacturing all parts of the module (for lower cost), or – only Assembly. The release price of the module is about 500 T. R. To build kernel modules 1-2 PCs per working day, you need a unit with an area of 20-30 sq. m. Main equipment – Assembly stand, 2 bench, computer.

Currently identified enterprises (third party, virtually any metal) for the production of all parts of the module, as well as the manufacture of printed circuit boards – manufactured three models of the layout and several printed circuit boards.

10.Implementation: over a hundred large prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises (Props) and the same private on all territory of the Russian Federation, engaged in the manufacture of prostheses for patients with the installation of the modules (modules do not produce). Assistance in marketing of the industry and trade Ministry, health Ministry, labor Ministry, social insurance Fund (all letters of recommendation). There is a friendly profile organization specializing in the sale of orthopedic products to the Prop.

11.Prospects. An urgent need in the development of modules of the foot, lock the knee of the module connecting device, the hip modules, children modules, modules of the upper extremities and in General, the entire line of prosthesis – see foreign catalogs, because the overwhelming percentage of foreign – made products, paid from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation. Cm. TK "3.1. Aktmodell".

Company (includes ACC. experience) own centre for prosthetics (license not required) for the prosthetics of patients with the installation of the developed modules.

12. Links. Free access to the Internet presents large amount of information on the key words "knee module e, module C-Leg, Genium, RHEO-KNEE);

characteristics of the foreign counterpart

13. Additional information. More than a year and a half negotiations on the funding issue and identifying the underlying manufacturer of the module, in particular, GK "Rostehnologii" the result is not given (no comments or objections to us). There are also soot. letter from the FSS, the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of labor (recommendation), the Commission of the Russian Federation on import substitution etc.

There are good connections (Ordinance No. 218) with the Royal (Korolev, M. O.) University of technology, the structural unit of which is the Royal College of space engineering and technologies, which in turn is preparing the specialists — orthopedic technicians (second and the only Russian educational institution of this profile, after the St. Petersburg social College).

General Director of "Autoconstruction", tech-podiatrist Twigs Alexander Borisovich.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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