PROPERTY IN the European UNION WITH a YIELD of 14, 7% for 1 496 000 euros

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PROPERTY IN the European UNION WITH a YIELD of 14, 7% for 1 496 000 euros

— rental yield of 14, 7%,

— capitalization in 1st year 32%,

— capitalization with the 2nd year of 5-8%

— registration of EU citizenship within 3 months

Detailed financial model You can download on the project website, which is listed in the profile below

Complex of 6 apartments on the coast of Limassol (Republic of Cyprus). Limassol — European city, with the coastal tourist area, with a length of 30 km. Is the business and financial center of the Republic of Cyprus. In 2016, about 500 companies in the IT sector and trade in financial instruments has opened offices in Limassol. Shipping companies from other countries were registered in the Maritime register of Cyprus (at present, about 200 companies, more than 2 500 vessels). The Republic of Cyprus — the country with the lowest tax rates in the European Union. In Limassol, Paphos and Ayia NAPA located infrastructure facilities (Marina) for yachts. On-site marine has service, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, Nightclubs, luxury apartments and villas. In 2018 in 5 cities of Cyprus will begin its work Casino. In Limassol the company HARD-ROCK began construction of the largest Casino in the Mediterranean sea (project cost 500 000 000 euros). According to experts, the Casino will attract to the island an additional 1 000 000 financially wealthy tourists a year. The official languages in Cyprus — Greek and English. The jurisdiction is English law.

When you purchase this estate You get for 3 months passport of Cyprus. The benefits of EU citizenship:

Right to live, work, travel and

to study in any EU country without


Right to travel without a visa to 168

countries of the world

The right to free trade on the territory

EU, potential customers are

500 million people in Europe

Download the full presentation on the passport program and the investment You can on our site listed below.

The location of facilities and infrastructure:

Located in the tourist area with developed infrastructure, 7 minutes from downtown. Private beach — 100m. The Bank -350 m, Pharmacy is 350 m. the Complex of cafes and restoranov — 300m. Children's Playground — 100m.

The property is a building of two floors with a total area of 360 m2. Divided into 6 maisonettes (6 titles). Each Maisonette has a private entrance and surrounding garden area. Garden area of 30m2 is divided into several functional zones: a place for barbecue, sunbathing area and outside shower. The first floor is a Studio with kitchen, Breakfast bar and living room. On the second floor bedroom with wardrobe and balcony. WCs provided on both floors. Stained glass extends the space and visually enhances the property.

Visualization, floor plans, and full documentation is available on the project website


Our Ruby LTD company Incorporation (Cyprus, real estate license No. 283) works for the real estate market in Cyprus since 2002.

In addition, we are ready to take on:

— Permanent residence registration or passport of Cyprus for You and Your family.

— Management of the reconstruction, the control of the contractor

— Comprehensive property management

We have successfully managed 2 adjacent apartments of Darlex Apartments Galatex Beach Center and Sunrise Arches Apartments

(occupancy rate 90%).

Ratings Excellent 9.1, 9.0, 298 reviews.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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