Corporate Data Protection System Classification of unstructured data

Project description

The purpose of existence:to Minimize server capacity of the organization, classification and search of documents

Solved problem:Analysis and optimization of disk space usage of file storage.Investigation of incidents, identification and analysis of abnormal activity in the Solution of problems of popadelica users and administration of information resources (storage, use, classification, archiving, copying, determining the owner of data it.d.)

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Market analytics

The market of information security is actively developing. According to forecasts of the analytical Agency Gartner, the total spending on information security in 2015 will reach $ 77 billion. and will rise by 2019 to $ 170 billion by 2012.

Over the past 5 years significantly increased the number of new manufacturers products for information security. According to CB Insights, between 2010 to 2014, has invested more than $ 7.2 billion in 1200 + young companies.
The largest analytic agencies (Gartner, Markets and Markets) predict steady growth in the budgets of companies on information security in the next five years

The current dynamics of the market (growth of unstructured data, the number of economic crimes) will successfully implement a software product immediately after launch. Today the need for such products under the import substitution program is more than 300 000 jobs are analogs of the present software product is not represented.

The uniqueness of the project

Counterparts, oriented to the Russian market. And foreign counterparts does not take into account the requirements of consumers in the Russian market and, in addition, have proprietary closed code.

The main competitive advantage of the developed product over the foreign analogues is the orientation to the Russian market and customer satisfaction:
— full account of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
— matching software sample software and algorithmic requirements of GOST;

— software documentation according to the requirements of GOST;
— effectiveness analyses and indexing Russian-language text materials. To competitive advantages also include such features as:
— analysis of user behavior and synthesis of behavioral patterns, including workflow, regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
— analysis of graphic files containing Russian-language text;
— possibility of connection of additional modules of the analysis of the audio files containing the Russian language.
— analysis and sharing at the data level, in particular, shareholders of public companies, corporations, institutions and government bodies of the Russian Federation;
— getting a developer of state licenses, such as:

b) the FSTEC license for technical protection of confidential information; a) license FSTEC for the development and production of remedies of confidential information.

Monetization sources

Depending on available funding, we plan to use several sales channels:

1. Direct sales in a large company through meetings with clients, including through our own database of more than 2,300 contacts.

  1. Through the distribution network.

  2. Through global Resellers and integrators (Softline, Informzaschita, Technoserv,

Infosystems, Asteros, CROC, ICL, UCSB, LANIT, Dialognauka, Elvis-Plus)

  1. Training of partners

  2. Presentation to clients

  3. The pilot projects

Sales promotion will be made by:

— Publication of topical articles on various sites and social networks.
— Participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences, advertising in magazines and the Internet, workshops, joint road show with partners, webinars.
— Website promotion tools SEO, SMO, buy arbitrage traffic, video marketing (promotion videos on Youtube leading to the site). Building a base of loyal users and attract targets from specific sources;
— E-mail marketing (affiliate base) to attract regional partners;
— Publications in industry communities (community) and reviews in videoblogg;

— Related to technological media; — SMM.

Sales strategy and marketing

The stages of the sales

1 product Presentation
2 Pilot project of the product
3 preparation of the report on a pilot project 4 Introduction and sale of product
5 technical support
6 Training of new functionality of the product

7 Cross selling

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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