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Good afternoon, dear investors. We are a team Goodvin Games, and we are looking for funding for two of our game projects, it's a 2D platformer "Krakozyabry" 3D adventures "monster Boy". In our games we carefully think through the monetization of our partners and we could make good money. Games we plan to release for mobile platforms and publish through Publishers.

We require 6 000 000 rubles for the completion of the two projects. The implementation period of both projects is 8 – 10 months. The first project we plan to complete in 3-4 months.

We invite you to become our partners. All detailed project information and calculations ready to submit in case of interest.

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Market analytics

The turnover of the market of computer games in Russia is now $300 000 000. $230 000 000 accounted for a browser game, $ 35 000 000 — of games in social networks, and $ 32 000 000 — for casual games.(3)For comparison, the figures for the related markets:1. SEO: $200 million (search engine optimization)2. Games: $300 million 3. Paid services: $350 million 4. Advertising in Runet: $670 million (Medica + context + non-standard advertising)5. E-trade: $4 840 minnucci segment of the Internet market may well double. The number of users, Russia is now one of the largest countries of Europe. In addition, the Runet a large supply of revenue with the user. Audience some the Internet portals are already ahead of the TV channels. This is a huge additional distribution channel for various services.Access to foreign markets.According to a report by research group eMarketer, in 2011, about 62 million Americans (approximately 27% of all Internet users in the US) per month have played at least one game on social networks. In 2011, users spent on virtual goods 653 million dollars (compared to 510 million dollars last year), still 192 million dollars brought advertising (compared to $ 120 million in 2010), and revenues from lead generation (reward users virtual currency for subscriptions, participating in surveys or payments for goods and services) amounted to 248 million dollars, stress in eMarketer.These data confirm our Russian developers of online games "In Facebook, for example, 20-30 times more money than social networks of Russia".The largest компанияMail.Ru Group is the largest Internet company in the Russian segment of the Internet and leading player of ru-net by the number of monthly unique visitors. The main source of income – multiplayer online game.Net profit Group at the end of 2010 increased by 63% in comparison with 2009 and amounted to $76, 7 million Revenues from online games, including social, increased by 62, 5% – up to $99, 8 million TOP the social.developers 2011По as of the beginning of March 2011. top SOC.developers and publishers by total number of installations in networks Vkontakte, MoiMir, and Odnoklassniki is:1. Creara — 106 076 000 units ( + 5, 7 million per month)2. Mail.Ru/Astrum — 93 583 000 units ( + 5, 4 million)3. i-Jet — 60 843 000 units ( + 0, 8 million)4. Social Quantum — 38 115 000 units ( + 4. 9 m)5. FishSticks — 29 902 000 setting ( + 2 million)6. Plarium — 28 993 000 setting ( + 2 million)7. PlayFlock — 18 136 000 installations (-0, 1 million)8. SocialCraft & Sarcasm — 17 488 000 installations (-0. 3 m)9. Ciliz — 16 538 000 units ( + 0, 6 million)10. Exteer — 14 954 000 units ( + 0, 7 million)11. KUBA Games — 14 837 000 units ( + 1, 1 million)12. Progrestar — 14 056 000 units ( + 0, 2 million)13. Game Insight — 13 600 000 installations (-0. 3 m)

14. Kefir — 13 169 000 units ( + 1, 9 million)

The uniqueness of the project

    MonstroBoy is a combination of several game genres, varied gameplay, clever meta-gaming, which in turn are suitable for audiences of various ages and preferences. Unique style adds a special touch, takes the standards a million other commercial projects, adding originality and uniqueness.

    Besides the main storyline, players will see multiplayer, which will make a significant variety of game. Of the key features are the following:

    original style and thoughtful LOR. All objects, characters, monsters — are part of one world, with its history and development. The player will realize that he was in a complete world with its own rules and where the decisions can change everything around. Don't forget, many of the game done in “comic” form, which will delight and amuse any player throughout the game;

    departure from the standards of commercial products. The player will not have the feeling that this game is trying to “suck out his money,” well-chosen monetization will not cause the desire to write a negative comment on this topic, or delete the application;

    conditionally open world. The player will be presented a choice of areas in which it can go. Creates a feeling of freedom, a player may pass the levels as he wants;

    co-op mode. Players will be able to pass some of the places and levels together. There are various modes: competitive, cooperative, collaborative survival and so on. There are separate high score tables to keep the feeling of competition. I will separate maps for cooperative play.

    a lot of unique levels. The game will be a large number of different locations. Each location has its own style, its own theme, their enemies, friends of enemies of the player and so on. This will give variety and the feeling

    volume. Everyone can find something to their liking.

Monetization sources

From a business point of view, a promising direction is now possible to consider everything that works on the free to play model. With regard to saturation, this market cannot be saturated. In a sense, the market is rubber.

Free-to-play (Free2play, F2P, from the English. free — free, free and play — play) business model, the method of distribution of computer games that allow the user to play without depositing money. The authors of the games make a profit through microtransactions. Often for in-game purchases are used games currency, with a non-trivial conversion rules from real money (for example, discounts when exchanging larger amounts).A Free-to-play games are a way to entice players who do not want to waste your time playing the game, and wanting to get a competitive advantage in a faster way. Expenses are not limited and can reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars. One of the target user groups — children who can play without parent controlav the game presents a comprehensive approach to the issue of monetization. Use the following methods: Advertising for a fee. Per view video advertising player will get different rewards, for example: coins, life at the level of energy. IAP (buying coins, energy, lives, etc.). Full screen banners. Is loaded at the start of the level.Live-advertising. Is loaded at the start of the level. Chests 24 ( + Gacha). The game will be chests that the player can open once, at a specific time or for the currency.

Distribution model — f2p. Characteristic of all the elements, typical for this model. It should be noted that all systems will be introduced carefully, without creating a sense of “navatanee”.

Sales strategy and marketing

Sales will be made through the AppStore, Google Play, and 200 shops of mobile operators worldwide. Sales and marketing will be managed by the publishers. The markets of America, Europe, China, Japan, Latin America and Russia.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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