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The monthly profit of the project more than 500 thousand dollars per month. See the file business plan presentation PDF.

Our experience in startups

In 2007, launched a startup,
first in Belarus Internet-shop of auto parts with a unique electronic catalogue designed in-house team of programmers. For the first four months of operation, the store ranked second in terms of turnover among all Belarusian auto parts stores and received the prize of the Internet project of the year contest organized by the leading wholesale company for the sale of auto parts "shate-M plus".
Startup from 2007 to the present, 2017 is the first place in search engines google and yandex all on the most high-demand and is a leader in the sector of online auto parts stores. The application has a file with the positions in search engines.
Many years of experience in development of software for search of spare parts allowed to implement and run a much more ambitious project in Russia which investments are required for promotion, with the possibility of masturbirovala on Russia and the CIS countries. The project represents the simple and convenient search of spare parts. In a single click by VIN VIN number of any auto user correctly chooses the right part and the search engine shows all sellers in this part and the nearest store.
Stores place their offers on a paid basis by connecting your store to the automatic download service price lists allows you to maintain only prices and balances all of the stores in the search engine


Unique search engine spare parts, allowing the user two clicks to accurately find any spare part for any car.
First click the user makes on the VIN number of the car body, the second of the parts required and the search engine displays offers from all stores in which the item is sold, automatically sorts the best price and nearest store.
The site presents only current availability and prices, since price-lists and the remains of each store are updated automatically by ftp.

Current achievements

The project has passed the stage of MVP and at the moment completely ready for active promotion in google adwords and yandex direct.
Stores daily actively added to the project on a paid basis.

The purpose of existence

Google AVTOZAPCHASTI. All you need is to enter VIN number of your car, choose the right part and shows all listings for the parts in your town and the nearest store which have in stock the part. The availability of the products on the website always appears relevant due to the automatic download of the remnants of the stores of fpt Protocol.

Part of the problem

Search for any auto parts in your area in two clicks. First click on the VIN number of your car, second you need parts. Completely error free search for any parts by VIN VIN number of the car. To date, the VIN number of the car body is the most reliable identifier for selection of spare parts for any kind of vehicle. The project allows the user not to use complicated electronic catalogues of spare parts in one click via the VIN number of your car accurately to find any spare parts for your auto at the lowest price in your city.


The main competitor is the project which at the moment, more than 1500 shops put their proposals on a paid basis. Average package price paid by each store equal to 21000 RUB(360$). Gross revenue of the project more than half a million dollars in a month.


The project has a number of advantages over in its implementation of modern technologies, allowing for much easier and faster to maintain the same number of users on the website. Easy search by the VIN body number and catalogues of auto parts superior in quality and convenience the selection of parts. Experience over 10 years in the ATR allowed us to create a completely new product superior to competitors on the key factors of user-friendliness and processing speed.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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