Health and tourist complex on the island of Zanzibar

Project description

on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania), southeast, settlement of Padje-Jambiani, on 1 ha of land (in the property), 300 m from the beach on the Indian Ocean coast, it is planned to develop a health and tourist complex where people can comfortably stay short and long term throughout the year and live a long time during the Russian winter. 3G Internet provides an opportunity to work from any point of the World, being in the Russian-speaking environment of our complex. Today there are all documents for land and business, the founders have a resident Parma.

The territory is improved, 3m fence is constructed, there are 2 wells with fresh water, an electro-structure of 100 kW is connected. The project is ready for 60%: villa 380 sq m, 2 guest houses of 108 sq m, 1 guest house for 25 sq m, bar for 40 people, a garden is grown 500 sq. M (for restaurant seats), a DJ-pad 400 sq. M, places for rest.

Company website


Company website

The uniqueness of the project

practically year-round recreation (except for the rainy season), the possibility of a long stay, in Africa –t he territory where they speak Russian, this facilitates communication for many travelers

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project No. 39808
Created on: 03.08.2018

Tanzania, Zanzibar Islands, Padje

Project price: 2 500 000

Investments volume: 1 000 000

Stage: Idea


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Korman Andrei Antonovich

Tanzania, Zanzibar Islands, Padje
Hotel business, Medicine/ pharmaceutics, Real estate, Know how, Recreation, Tourism