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Our company is engaged in low-rise construction more than 5 years in the market of Izhevsk. The main activity is the construction of houses of timber, brick, frame technology in the areas located in the suburbs of Izhevsk. A large portion of projects under the order.

The basic idea:

From the beginning of 2017, we we offer our clients the possibility of building a house in exchange for their apartment. Currently, 84% of clients wishing to own a home, as fixed assets investments have only an apartment in the city, ready to sell. Usually it's a 2-4 bedroom apartment in the price range of 2 - 2, 8 million rubles. We offer the opportunity to purchase an apartment and building a house under the order, and the customer lives in an apartment before construction is completed.

The construction of a house is 2-3 months "turnkey". The cost of the house with a plot (project) is determined based on the appraised value of the apartment of the customer. When assessment takes into account its liquidity and the possibility of a quick sale.

At the conclusion of the contract for the construction of the apartment is taken the Deposit and selling starts one month before the transfer of the house.

After construction of the house is transferred to the customer, sale and withdrawal.

Our company plans in 2018 to build 40 houses. We work directly with the owners of land (cottage array), which take land for the construction and calculation of the produce with them after the sale of the building, thus reducing the initial costs of the project.

The company involved in the construction team, designer, estimator, associate, officer, selling homes, and real estate companies involved in the implementation of the homes and attract customers. The website works to attract customers and social.network.


According to statistics generated from the handling of the estate Agency of Izhevsk and construction companies – 56% of respondents are ready to start building your own home in 2018. About 11% already have land, 19% — have postponed the start of construction in spring 2018. In the future, I think 14%. 25% of respondents are willing to avail a loan for building a house, others rely only on their own funds, i.e. an existing apartment or savings. 80% of respondents are considering a house for permanent residence, 20% — to use as a summer residence.

In the market of Izhevsk there are 15 construction companies offering services on low rise building and only 4 of them are second homes to offset. The strengths of these companies — a wide range of finished projects and financial support weaknesses — high prices (from 2, 6 million and above), lack of cooperation with real estate agencies (only your sales Department), the limited supply of sites (mostly the building is in a single array).

The market demand for affordable housing in the range of prices from 2 to 2, 8 million satisfied construction companies of 55%, with the possibility of use of second homes, the figure is only 25%.

Construction and technology:

The construction of the house is conducted in accordance with all requirements and standards. The process is divided into several stages, each of which is funded consistently. Purchase of equipment and materials is conducted from specialized companies. For construction work is given a guarantee of 5 years.

The house "turnkey", ie, made final finishing: laminate floor or decking, suspended ceiling, Wallpaper, rooms with connecting door. Communication opened (gas, water, electricity, sewage), divorced electrician, heating, installed gas boiler, hot and cold water in the system.

The exterior is finished in a choice of facade tiles, facade panels, siding, block-house, facade plaster, bricks.

Financial performance:

Building a house "turnkey" with an area of 80-100 square meters (the most popular format) is usually a 16th.RUB/sq. m. land from 5-8 acres with utilities (gas, water, electricity) — 70 thousand rubles for a hundred. Thus, the total sum of the project 90kv.m is:90х16 + 6х70=1860тыс.RUB.

The selling price per square meter 21tys.RUB/sq. m: 90х21 + 6х70=2310.

Margin 420тыс.RUB.

Thus, by investing 1860 thousand rubles., net profit of the project 420тыс.RUB.

The repayment period of 3 months.

The amount of funding required and the form work:

The amount of funding required is currently 5 million. RUB the Contribution of this amount in three stages.

Investment returns 3, 3% monthly, during construction under the order is possible 4%.

Company website

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project price: 5 000 000

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