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Looking for investors in the IT project in the field of crypto secure cloud storage. The project is ambitious and very ambitious. The project is a unique at the moment, cloud storage with anonymous access for users, without restrictions on the amount injected and the stored information that is anonymous, registration is not necessary. Access is through a special program-client, and web interface and mobile app with end-point encryption, i.e., encrypting data on the client side. As the system of access to encrypted data using a key container (a remote analogue of the password or a fingerprint). This is quite advanced at this point the system access to the data, we can say that this imprint is sent to the storage files in protected form, is somewhat similar to the archiver, only without the mathematics of data compression.
Would like to attract investment for start and completion of the project. Need money to purchase equipment for the first phase (server, storage), marketing, one-time pay-specific specialists (e.g. mathematician-cryptographer, designer, etc.).
The amount of investment interest from 350 thousand dollars, the project will be completed within 8 months from the date of receipt of the investment to recoup the costs is planned for 3 years.
As a form of attracting investments considered entry in the investor's share of the company.
To attract investment plan phased in equal installments of the total amount every month.
The product is designed to solve the problem of reliable anonymous store any data, it will, for example, to handle e-Commerce data in "trusted". And also can be applied in almost any area of life, as well as in the workplace and at home.
Since the encryption is performed on the user's machine, the key will be kept only his, all data is sent already encrypted, after sending to the cloud, the data will be additionally encrypted on the servers of the product with a random key to determine what data is stored in the cloud who sent them and associate the sender with data will be almost impossible, since such an operation will go a few thousand years if the present growth rate of technological progress in the computer industry.
A prospective client, people of all ages and different occupations and interests, in the corporate segment, we plan to focus on industry, financial institutions, maybe the public sector. Plan to work on the models b2b and b2c, also the project will give the chance to simple people to earn on their own information with the help of this product. In the product as additional service also includes the standard cloud storage with common at the moment, the monetization model.
Our company located in Belarus, we have extensive experience in the field of data protection, working overseas, doing software development. The company's management decided to expand and launch its own product.
As security for the investment proposed for purchased equipment, product's source codes, documentation, intellectual property and technology, developed for the implementation of the product and acquired during the research phase of the project. Also the rights to the product, customer base and all the services that go along with the product.
The main competitors of the product at the moment are spider oak (cloud storage with encryption but with a registration in the system), as well as a new storage service from the developer telegram messenger. They are somewhat similar to the project described above, but the proposed solution remains in the project with a high degree of uniqueness.
At the moment, the project spent about $ 20,000. And about 18 man-months.
Developed a model of service delivery and monetization, there is a clear technical specification, concept design, conceptual model, there is a team of developers, designed a legal person, a full working prototype have a draft of the website from the product.
At the moment the project team consists of 8 people, which is enough to implement the ideas. To do casual work we plan to attract specialists.
The project assumes a large number of services in the future (crypto-messenger, standard cloud storage system an encrypted voice video chat, part of the services oriented to the corporate segment of the market), it is planned to apply serious cryptographic algorithms and system hardware information protection.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 13.08.2018

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